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Bad driving stories

Discussion in 'Time for Tea' started by tirial, May 22, 2018.

  1. tirial

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    A place to share stories on insanity on the road, inspired by some of the things I've seen on the road round here.

    We have a narrow stretch of road which double decker buses go down. Because of the events this weekend people had parked down it, reducing it to single lane. I'm on a bus going up, there's another one coming down, and while they are manoevring, the ambulance comes up behind my bus with its lights on and sirens going. The bus facing the one I am on pulls back, then steers up off the road into the trees at the side. The ambulance backs up to allow my bus to pull in tight to the parked cars, and starts to pull out to go round it.

    The bus is just starting to move when the idiot played his part. The car behind the other bus, who had been watching all of this and was pulled over on a safe stretch of road beyond the parked cars, decided it would be a good idea to whip round the bus into the space it had left for the ambulance while a) the road is still blocked by the bus I am on and b) there are sirens coming up the road straight towards it.

    Hearing two buses and an ambulance all hit their horns at the same time is loud. There was a squeal of brakes as the driver realised he'd nearly hit an ambulance head-on.

    Many gestures from both bus drivers were used to suggest he should go back to behind the bus. I couldn't see into the ambulance cab, but I suspect they weren't very pleased either.

    So do you have stories of near-Darwinism on the roads to share?
  2. Pattycake

    Pattycake Member

    Oh my goodness! That was madness, hey?!
  3. tirial

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    Yep. Still got to go a few to beat the driver that nearly killed me: a motorbike courier who decided that since there was a queue in the lane he wanted to be in, he'd just go into the opposite lane (on the other side on a concrete divider) and speed the wrong way down the road. Forgetting there was a crossing and nearly taking me out because I was using it.

    Yeah, red lights still apply even if you're approaching them from the wrong direction.
  4. Pattycake

    Pattycake Member

    Oh my goodness, more madness! Or was it Sparta... LOL! So glad I don't live in a city any more and don't have to deal with traffic like that. Just deer. And cows who bust out of their pasture.
  5. Kindler

    Kindler Active Member

    Here's one I saw:

    Steep hill near me when we had sudden heavy snow, the roads had not been gritted and everyone was making their way slowly around.

    Got to watch an articulated lorry trying to get up the hill, only get a few metres up before it started to lose traction and then begin to slowly jackknife itself back down the hill skidding sideways and blocking the road.

    Fortunately all the cars had been sensible and were well out of the way, but there were a lot of people having to find a different way round. The lorry wasn't moved until the morning just to add further complication.

    No idea why the driver thought they could get up the hill in those conditions.
  6. Honeybee42

    Honeybee42 Member

    That reminds me of some stories from my former city of residence.

    Low bridge--not tragic edition:
    There was a low bridge (train crossing over road) which, probably once a month, would get struck by a truck which would then have the top of its trailer peeled off (think sardine can) with insulation and sometimes merchandise thus scattered all over the road.

    Low bridge--tragic edition:
    Different road, but another railway bridge that was 10'9" clearance. A double-decker bus missed a turn onto the interstate and was on this road and slammed into the bridge. 4 people were killed, and somehow the bus driver was acquitted of wrongdoing.
  7. athersgeo

    athersgeo New Member

    And that reminds me of the local low bridge that has perennial issues. So much so that they now warn for it over a mile before you reach it and every fifty yards or so as you approach, with at least two extra "if you do not fit under this you won't fit under the bridge" height bars either side...and trucks STILL hit it at least once every three months.

    ETA As far as I know, no fatalities, but it's killed a fair number of drivers' careers, I should think!
  8. Angel

    Angel Munificent Critic

    Entrance to pay to stay car park: bar across the top at 6'3''.

    Driving along is a car, luggage neatly roped on to a roofrack with a height over 6'3''. You can see where this is going...

    Car swings into car park, and neatly divested of luggage from roof scattering it around before the driver realises and comes to a halt.

    Car is halfway under bar. Half the luggage is still on the roof and half the luggage is not. Panic ensues.

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