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    A place to see which bugs we are working on, and what progress is being made. Save the first post for the index, use Threadmarks to link each one to a post below with details and status on one bug, issue, or upgrade.

    Active Issues

    Member Functions - add recurring reminders feature for authors/fans.
    Author Pages - new feature: Allow authors to claim their books through a members account and manage an author's page with social media and signups.
    Update the search - investigating. Need server upgrade done 19th July 2018.
    Make the site look better on tablets/Mobiles - investigating. Needs new theme.
    Access to review notes on books you wouldn't review
    Improve the app to include video/lists/reviews/genre choice.
    Members functions
    Serial setting to show first book and a page for serials.

    Better stat tracking - Advertiser request as Quantcast have made our figures private. $19.99 a month for alexa.
    Wordpress Responsive template: fixes problem with increasing use of mobiles. Problem: not as pretty or readable for members on desktop. Also expensive and requires a full re-code.

    Threadmarks to Twitter
    - 20th July 2018

    Faster Server - 19th July 2018
    More Smileys - 18th July 2018
    Threadmarks Pro - 11th July 2018

    Members Page - add threads under sign-in form, remove "beta" from menu
    GPDR - (has its own thread)
    11/07/2018 - Bug - incorrect last poster showing on threads on category pages. Still happening.

    From the old list:

    (Old list here)
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  2. Threadmarks: Incorrect Poster Showing

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    Bug - incorrect poster showing

    The category page shows the last active thread correctly but shows the wrong posters name under it. e.g. at the moment TeaRoom shows Derailment and Development as the thread which is right, but @jessica as the last poster which is wrong.

    As it happened after we added a threadmark plugin it could be linked to that.
    @tirial suggested it might be if someone creates a post in a thread and leaves it in draft, the board is picking it up for the categories page as if they had made the post live.

    Updated: 01/06/2018
    It seems to be linked to having seperate pages for Board Sections, so we've taken those down. Posts were dropping into limbo when published rather than going live. Our IT people added a fix that runs every five minutes, recovers those posts and publishes them correctly. Thank you to tirial & CIAS.

    Updated 6th July 2018
    It is a template conflict with an add-on. If an admin or mod accesses a post, even if they don't do anything to it, the user who wrote the post is shown as the last poster on the forum overview pages. We'll need to amend the template to fix this. We suspect the conflict is with the threadmarks add-on, but aren't sure.

    Updated 12th July 2018
    @tirial narrowed the remaining part of the issue down to Privacy Browsers doing their job: making sure users cannot be tracked online.
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    Added the main site sponsor to the top of the forum.

    Removed it because it was causing a couple of issues.
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  4. Threadmarks: New Posts to Members Page

    CatInASuit Administrator Staff Member

    Added the new posts to the Members page on the Bookangel site.

    It could probably do with a little bit of tidying, but there we go.
  5. tirial

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    @Bookangel @CIAS - shouldn't this thread have posts threadmarked and linked from the top index?
  6. Threadmarks: New Smileys

    Bookangel Administrator Staff Member

    New Smileys

    20th July 2018 - extended set added
  7. CatInASuit

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    Added the Latest Forum Posts to the sidebar on the Wordpress site.

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