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Giveaway Freebies [games/apps]

Discussion in 'Games & Giveaways' started by Lily, February 23, 2021 at 9:43 PM.

  1. Lily

    Lily New Member

    Hi, here are some video games for PC which are currently free at the Epic Games Store:

    Absolute Drift: Zen Edition (arcade racing game):

    Absolute Drift - Drifting: The Art Of Sliding Sideways.

    Rage 2 (post-apocalyptic shooter):

    Rage 2 | Download and Buy Today - Epic Games Store

    Requirements: account creation (free), no financial info input needed to claim free games, go through the checkout process to add the games to your account and they're yours to keep; to play the games you will need to instal the Epic Games launcher.

    Home page: Epic Games Store | Download & Play PC Games, Mods, DLC & More – Epic Games

    Epic gives 1-2 games free every week. These two are free until 4 p.m. GMT, 25 Feb 2021.
  2. Lily

    Lily New Member

    I also have some Steam keys for the four-part Sorcery! series (PC/Mac), adapted from the best-selling gamebook series by Steve Jackson, free to anyone who would like them. There's no catch, I just have a lot of games and wanted to share.

    Either reply here or PM me if you would like these, and I'll send you the keys. If you're unfamiliar with Steam/how to activate keys, please let me know, I'm happy to help.

    I have a few more Steam keys for some other games which I'll post here as well, but I need to check which ones haven't been given away or used yet.

    Description taken from the Steam store pages:

    Parts 1 and 2: Sorcery! Parts 1 and 2 on Steam
    An epic adventure in a land of monsters, traps and magic. Journey across the deadly Shamutanti Hills and through the Cityport of Kharé, home to thieves, corrupt nobles and deadly mutants, as you attempt to recover the Crown of Kings. Armed with your sword, and over fifty spells with weird and wonderful effects, embark on a journey of a thousand choices where every one is remembered and will change your story. This is Parts 1 and 2 of a four-part series.

    Part 3: Sorcery! Part 3 on Steam
    An open-world narrative adventure through a cursed wilderness of monsters, traps and magic. Hunt down the Seven Serpents, cast powerful spells that shape the story, and explore everywhere. Begin your journey here, or continue your story from Parts 1 & 2.

    Part 4: Sorcery! Part 4 on Steam
    An open-world narrative adventure into a cursed Citadel of monsters, traps and magic. Fight weird creatures, cast powerful spells that shape the story, cheat death, and explore everywhere. Begin your journey here, or conclude your adventure from Part 3.

    Requirements: Steam account creation (free), installation of Steam client to play the games.
  3. Lily

    Lily New Member

    New free game (for PC) from the Epic Games Store:

    Sunless Sea – a Lovecraftian horror RPG set on board a ship

    Sunless Sea

    Requirements: free Epic Games account, installation of Epic launcher to play the game. No personal or financial information needed in order to claim.

    Free offer expires at 4 pm GMT, 04 March 2021.
  4. Lily

    Lily New Member

    This one is permafree but adding it here as it's very useful.

    Virtual Cottage – free management app available on Steam for Windows/Mac/Linux.

    From the Steam store page: Virtual Cottage gives you a comfy place to rest and be productive without any distractions. Open the game, set yourself a goal and enjoy the atmosphere.

    Virtual Cottage on Steam

    I've been using it since last autumn and really like it. There are rain sounds and lofi music which can be toggled on and off, plus a cute little cat! E:hearteyecat:
  5. Kindler

    Kindler Active Member

    Oh sweet. I've heard a lot of really good things about Sunless Sea, always wanted to try it out.

    Consider yourself PM'd ::geek::
  6. Lily

    Lily New Member

    Same here. It looks deliciously creepy :D Another game came out a few years after this one, set in the same universe, called Sunless Skies (not sure if it's a direct sequel though).

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