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Discussion in 'The Dive' started by Tregaron, 30 Jul 2018.

  1. Tregaron

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    Gin traps have been illegal since the 1960's and yet recently there seem to have been a spate of pets and animals being caught in them according to the newspapers. Ten years ago they were virtually unheard of, and yet this year alone we've had cases including:

    Sid in Christchurch
    Ilka in Carmathenshire (who lost her leg)
    Tigger Bob in Wrexham

    This morning we read of the sad story of Violet, in London. These traps have to be being either bought or made, and they are from the photos professional cast iron devices, so why can the police not find the individuals who trade in them? Why are the RSPCA not running a campaign to remind people of how illegal these traps are?
  2. jessica

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    :((Who would do this to a cat?:((
  3. tirial

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    Possibly some of the people you see in the comments for the stories saying that if you don't want it to happen to your cat, keep it off their gardens. Which is rather like saying to a bystander victim of a drive-by shooting that if they didn't want to get shot, they wouldn't have been in the street. The problem is the illegal act, not the victim's presence.

    (Cats in the UK have a legal right to roam, just like wild animals, and rescues will rarely adopt cats to people who say they will keep them indoors.)

    Even if they don't care about animals, don't these trap-setting bastards ever think about what would happen if a child put their foot in one? One of the recent cases was in an allotment. Lord help anyone who had the grandchildren there for a visit.
  4. Reader

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    Cynically, most likely because it takes money and chasing bequests is easier.

    More hopefully, perhaps because it takes time to arrange television campaigns, and most of those cases are from the last four weeks. A televisual campaign to remind people of the illegal status of gin traps, and an arranged amnesty to hand them in to police, would do much to persuade me they were more than simply a money-making operation.

    It would also remove any chance of an ignorance plea once they catch up with the vaguely human wastes of oxygen and flesh that use them.
  5. porridge

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    We 'ad one 'o the sods up ere many moons back. Most o' the pub thought e shoulda had his fingers shut in it.
  6. Tregaron

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    I disagree. His nose, and his ears. Let it be very obvious to people who see such a person exactly what they did and exactly what they are.

    My views on animal cruelty are somewhat blunt. I do not apologise.

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