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    I joined the forum not too long ago and figure I better do an introduction before I forget to do it completely. I'm a 29-year-old girl named Ginny. I live in the United States but I wish I lived in the UK like a lot of you fine people. Writing and reading have been passions of mine for as long as I can remember. It's only within the past few years that I've gotten really into reading indie. I used to dabble, but now it makes up a large chunk of my reading (outside of research that is). It took me a while to get a Kindle but once I did, I started reading indie left and right.

    Psychological thrillers and mysteries are probably my favorite genres at the moment. I love reading everything though. If I had to choose a least favorite genre, it'd probably be romance.
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    Hi, penumbra!

    Oh, you and @Reader will get on just fine:)

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