Lord Carey blaming women?

Discussion in 'The Dive' started by jessica, 25 Jul 2018.

  1. jessica

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    Basically he says that he delayed the investigation into Peter Ball, a pedophile priest, for two decades:eek: because women priests and Diana's divorce distracted him "a perfect storm of events":mad:.

    So he thinks women are to blame for one man abusing children, and another man covering it up for twenty years so he could keep doing it? Wonder what the Catholic church blames, because they don't have any.
  2. Reader

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    Sadly I am beyond the point where a person in power saying something extremely stupid is an event I am surprised by.

    The saying that 'Power corrupts' is sufficently old that I would have thought he had heard it at least once in his life. If a person truly has no understanding of the damage power can do, they have no business having it.
  3. Bookangel

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  4. Gemini

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    I'm just now getting around to reading up on this.

    But...what about all of the other time he could have addressed this over the 20 years that he knew? I also don't get how he had no concept of the fact that a priest might abuse his powers that could do harm to others. It's not like this century is the first time there has ever been a corrupt priest.

    Those poor victims.
  5. Kindler

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    It's a common thing for lots of people in power. They don't want to deal with something controversial because of the ruckus it would raise and they want the easy life.

    Then they scrabble around for a convenient excuse when they get called on it.

    Politicians have been doing it for decades as well.
  6. Zelda

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    I don't really see it as him blaming women necessarily. He's just trying to point his finger at whatever/whomever he can because, like Kindler said, that's just what people in power do. Really, even people not in power usually try to find some kind of scapegoat. Regardless of who he's blaming, he's despicable for not doing anything with that information and there's no excuse for it.

    Priests are getting into all sorts of trouble these days. It's tragic.

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