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Promoting the board?

Discussion in 'Life in General' started by Bookangel, July 30, 2018.

  1. Bookangel

    Bookangel Administrator Staff Member

    We've got a good core of regular users and posters here, but more outside viewpoints and indie readers would be welcome. We used to advertise, but PW has closed and google adwords have not been a successful replacement. So, throwing this open to the members, if you have any ideas on how to promote the boards, please share them.
  2. penumbra

    penumbra Member

    I remember seeing a topic from a while ago about the possibility of doing book giveaways. I think that could really help drive some traffic to the site. Everybody loves a book giveaway, right?
  3. Kindler

    Kindler Active Member

    Isn't that something that happens every day on the main site? I know I get a list of all the free books on offer.

    Surprised google adwords hasn't worked, I mean everyone keep saying it's the best way to go.

    Book giveaways probably aren't so useful, but is there anything you could pick up from some of the authors which their fans might be interested in and run a competition that way?
  4. PageTurner

    PageTurner Member

    There are loads of sites out there that write about resources for indie authors. Reaching out to them could lead to them including the site in an article. Or it might lead to some kind of affiliate marketing opportunity.
  5. penumbra

    penumbra Member

    It is, but the discussion was about a different kind of giveaway. I think it's more in line with what you were thinking.

    On a different note, what about using social media to reach out to readers? I know the site has a Twitter account but it's primarily book promotions (I didn't look at too many posts so I could be wrong). Have you thought about doing Facebook ads?
  6. tirial

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    You have to have a facebook account to do facebook ads, and we're not on facebook. None of the club members have an account and when we discussed it no one wanted one. The security concerns are severe.

    The big problem I've found is lack of time for the club members. I don't think there is anyone with time to do marketing. Articles might be great, but who is going to write them? I did one series, but right now I'm snowed under (see time of post!). I don't even have enough time to write Mossie!

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