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  1. Zelda

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    Have any of you used Scribophile before, either as a reader or a writer? It has a whole slew of writers from various genres that are posting up their WIPs for critique/commentary. I think this could be a useful tool for indie writers who are unable to pay for this kind of feedback. Additionally, it could be a fun place for readers to take part in helping the indie community. I've signed up recently and have found some good material on there. Now I'm just trying to pluck up the courage to put some of my work on there.
  2. penumbra

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    I have! I posted a couple of chapters when I first started but as that project fizzled out, I've only used the site for beta-reading purposes. I've read all sorts of great things on there. Some groups are better than others (and some are more exclusive) but there's a seemingly endless amount of reading material. New stuff is constantly being posted.

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