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Stag/Hen parties

Discussion in 'Time for Tea' started by Kindler, May 18, 2018.

  1. Kindler

    Kindler Active Member

    So as I mentioned, I got to see a group of gents dressed up in cartoon sailor gear with beer and luggage. A week or so ago, it was several ladies dressed up as fairies with a bride dressed in rainbows with a unicorn horn strapped to her forehead.

    In general, they still seem to be having fun and not bothering too many other people, and thinking more on whatever pranks and shenanigans they are going to get up to. I supposed I should be grateful they always seem to be leaving the area instead of arriving to cause havoc instead.

    But did I miss something or are these things getting weirder and weirder? It used to be a set of matching t-shirts and a few balloons, now I'm not sure what the next party is going to look like?

    Anyone else got any fun stories of encounters with these parties?
  2. jessica

    jessica Active Member

    The weirdest one this week was the guys on my course throwing a stag party for the royal weddingo_O:confused:. Nope, they don't know the couple. Think they just wanted an excuse for a bender::rofl::.
  3. Terry

    Terry Member

    Last couple of stag groups I saw were groups of lads with one of them dressed in prisoner stripes with a ball and chain.

    The hen parties all tend to have matching T-shirts and mini suitcases as if they are going on a road trip.
  4. Terry

    Terry Member

    Ladies Stag Party today milling around on the station.

    Named T-shirts with sexually descriptive adjective describing what they would get up to.

    Looked like they were having fun though.
  5. Gemini

    Gemini Member

    I've seen a couple like that, Kindler. They were a lot more obnoxious than the one you ran into. There was one where they were all unicorns and another where the bride was a unicorn and the bridesmaids were mermaids. One of the girls told me they'd just gotten back from a "sail before the veil" (something else I'd never heard of). So I guess it made sense with the nautical theme. Although I don't know how a unicorn would play into all of that. Unicorns, mermaids, and other whimsical creatures are pretty "in" right now, so I expect we'll be seeing a lot more of these.
  6. Kindler

    Kindler Active Member

    Unicorns are seriously in right now and I'm amazed I haven't seen my first Unicorn stag party.
  7. penumbra

    penumbra Member

    Ain't that the truth. I can't believe I haven't seen one of them already. It seems like unicorns are big enough to make it from the stag/hen night to the actual wedding. I cannot even imagine what my husband would have said if I'd suggested we have the bridal party dress up as unicorns, let alone my mother.

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