The "Take No Responsibility" culture

Discussion in 'Day to day etiquette issues' started by Terry, 17 May 2018 at 20:11.

  1. Terry

    Terry Member

    I don't know what it is about the place I work at, but more often than not people just seem to not want to take responsibility for bits of work and I'm honestly not sure why? We're supposed to work in a no blame culture where if things go wrong then we try to understand what happened and learn from it so we don't repeat it.

    But some people seem totally averse to anything resembling it. It's like they have the idea if something goes wrong they are going to be horribly blamed for it and so don't want to make any decisions, buck pass, play slopey shoulders and generally hope to ignore it until it goes away.

    Anyone got any good ideas how to convince these people why taking up some of the slack is a good idea or why they might think like this?
  2. Pattycake

    Pattycake New Member

    A good place to post this question would be Ask a Manager on their open forum Fridays post, which is tomorrow, at asakamanager.com They usually have really good answers!

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