1. Scribblings now has a Word Count Validator, as requested. Users can save their wordcount and embed it in their posts via the [wordtrack] BBcode, or just use [wordcount] to embed without saving.
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Word Count

Discussion in 'Site News' started by CatInASuit, November 11, 2019.

  1. CatInASuit

    CatInASuit Administrator Staff Member

    We have now added a new page in the Scribblings forum that will allow users to count the number of words in their document.

    As an added bonus, we have two sets of BBCode for people to use generated when you use the form.

    You can either use the [ wordcount ] bbcode to track the number of words you have entered.


    Or you can save your word count and use the [ wordtrack ] bbcode generated to show off your own personal total.

    Word Count: 1 / 50,000

    Have fun with it.

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