Killgrace and the Singular Situation

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Killgrace and the Singular Situation

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...I wish there were more stories like this, a sci-fi story with real emphasis on the science....

Cet and Susan, a pair of universe hopping aliens and currently under a truce, find themselves on a scientific vessel that is in the process of trying to rescue two stellar creatures that have become trapped in the the gravitational pull of a black hole. When an attempt to tow the creatures out fails, they find themselves joining the scientists in a race against time to free them before they are lost forever. But with an uncooperative group of scientists and with an escort ship that would rather be off chasing pirates, it’s going to take a little bit of ingenuity from the pair to free the creatures and make their escape without using any technology and revealing they don’t belong there.

Singular Situation is a fabulous little sci-fi gem that seems to cover much more than first appears. The story may be short buts packs a lot in a lot of detail, both character driven and scientific. The plot is a simple premise, but is well explored in various ways and the scientific underpinning of the story is not compromised but becomes part and parcel of the action. Both the direct effects of black hole and the more subtle effects of relativity for a space going race. The characters, for the brief time that we encounter them, are easily fleshed out and it is good to see a diverse crew occupying all positions on the ships. Susan and Cet are still the same pair from previous stories and the barbed banter between them flows well. Even if you haven’t read some of the other short stories, they are still intriguing characters trying not to give the game away.

There are a few minor spelling mistakes and a couple of moments which seem slightly contrived but in general they do not detract from the overall story.

Personally, I wish there were more stories like this, a sci-fi story with real emphasis on the science.

Rating: 4
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jessica (6 March 2017)
A little too much science for me, but I did really love the adventure when it got going! :) I can't believe how short this book is 'cos it packs so much in!:D:D:D

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