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One of the most common questions that comes up is about the use of pennames. Recently, the arguments over the use of real names on Google+ and Facebook which include several authors losing profiles because they are listed under their pennames,...
"Got the statement?"
"Oh yeah, sarge. Just had the witness shouting at me for the last hour. But we'll never get a warrant on the strength of his testimony."
"Why not? He's an experienced...​
Summary: Consuming his prey in a New York alley, a cannibalistic shapeshifter becomes aware of a new and terrifying threat to the city. For once it isn't him.

Spoiler Warning: Major spoilers for Prototype 1 and Rings of the Master....
You can't grow red hydrangeas on clay, they said, as the gossip spread round the neighbourhood. Yet no one said this to Mrs Frange, and her scarlet Hydrangea borders bloomed bright every year. Every year the village garden judges came by, and...