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New Profile Posts

  1. Bookangel
    Signing up as a spammer when the admin is online? Well, that ended fast.
  2. Bookangel
    Would some of you own up to being online? Virtual silence and then posts appearing is disturbing.
    1. tirial
      Treg, just for you [unlurk] - oh dear, they can see me [relurk].
      You know I'm online, you're talking to me!
      October 1, 2020
  3. Bookangel
    Just cleaned out 44 new users whose user names were a variant of cialis. Strongly suspect they aren't here for books...
  4. tirial
    Last call for Posters of a Knightly Bent - game starts on 17th.
  5. James B. Hansom
    James B. Hansom Bookangel
    Let me know how I should best let everyone know without upsetting anyone; I'm new to online social media! Thanks, James
  6. CatInASuit
    Catching up with things to do
  7. Bookangel
    Missing posts appear to have been moved to the scheduled announcements queue and shunted forward by 24 hours or more - tirial, CIAS, help?
  8. Bookangel
    fixing the site...and upodating to find the hidden and missing posts
  9. Angel
    Why is the first review back after a break, always the hardest.
  10. tirial
    Has just added Review Aside to the posts feed as requested. New strips coming monthly from 1st August.
  11. Bookangel
    reminder: if you're adding a link, you don't have to format it. Paste the link in and the site should add a title for you.
  12. Bookangel
    is experimenting with being a ghost on the boards, when I should be asleep.
  13. Bookangel
    Added some more smileys. @jessica, a pressie for you!
  14. tirial
    Annoyed that I have a major rewrite on my hands...due to one line in an obscure reference that I managed to confirm.
  15. tirial
    wondering about reshuffling the boards: LiG and dive to bookangel, Intro and Site new to a new section.
    1. Bookangel
      I like that idea too. Could we put some help pages in the new section?
      June 8, 2018
  16. Bookangel
    Removed the individual category pages so everything goes through the homepage, to try to fix the issue with threads & drafts.
  17. Bookangel
    I love the spam cleaner.
  18. Bookangel
    it's too hot...
  19. Tregaron
    I suddenly find the boards are very busy. What did I miss?
  20. CatInASuit
    SSL + Apache + Xenforo - why so complicated...

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