1. Scribblings now has a Word Count Validator, as requested. Users can save their wordcount and embed it in their posts via the [wordtrack] BBcode, or just use [wordcount] to embed without saving.
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Validate Your Word Count

Validate your word Count for NaNoWriMo or writing events.

Paste your story into the textarea below. Then click the Word Count button at the bottom.

This counting system does not upload your novel. If you are a logged-in Bookangel Member, it will give you an option to store your word count. If you want to remove any risk of sharing your story, you can scramble it before you paste it into the box, for example by replacing all characters with 'a'.
If you are a member of Bookangel, you can store your Wordcount to track your progress. This saves a date and validated numbers, not your story.

Enter your story:

How to scramble your story in Word:

IMPORTANT! Copy and Paste your story into a new file so you don't risk losing it.
  1. 1) Go to Edit > Replace on the menu.
  2. 2) When the Replace box appears, click the More button and then check the box by "Use Wildcards" on the options that appear.
  3. 3) In Find paste [a-zA-Z0-9-.?]
  4. 4) In Replace With paste a
  5. 5) Click Replace All
  6. 6) Copy and Paste the output into the box to the left and validate your wordcount.

November 4, 2019
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