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Best Self-Publising Marketplace for Indie Authors

Discussion in 'Writer's Lounge' started by luri, April 14, 2021.

  1. luri

    luri Member Scribe

    There are a lot of self-publishing marketplaces such as KDP (from Amazon), B & N Press (from Barnes and Noble), Smashwords, iBooks, etc. Have you tried publishing on these self-publishing marketplaces? Which do you think is the best self-publishing marketplace for indie authors?
  2. Hova

    Hova Member

    I'm just trying to get into this myself. I would definitely go with Ingram Spark or KDP.
  3. tirial

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    The big choice is going Amazon only or what's called going wide. Amazon only means accessing Amazon Prime, Zella, etc, but many of the bonuses are only available to US authors.

    Going wide is putting your book on all platforms - using Amazon, but also having a Smashwords edition to reach Apple, scribd etc, and a Kobo edition for the Rakuten network. I'd always suggest going wide, especially if you live outside the US. You reach more people, and some genres sell much better off Amazon (most erotica writers I've met say they do better on Kobo or Smashwords).
  4. Lily

    Lily Member

    Also Draft2Digital, for self-publishing to a wide variety of platforms other than Amazon. D2D has a much more user-friendly interface and book-formatting process than Smashwords and (for a cut) allows publishing to Kobo, Apple, B&N, Scribd, plus many more I can't recall just now. You could choose to publish directly on those platforms too if you prefer and thus cut out the middleman; it's a lot more work though, so it's worth weighing up the pros and cons of both methods.

    Edit: Smashwords has its own storefront as well, meaning direct sales, which is a big advantage over D2D.

    Oh, another one I just remembered is Google Play Books. I have no personal experience of it but some authors have good things to say about it.
  5. Hova

    Hova Member

    I will take a look at D2D and see what it's all about. This is some good info.
  6. sliara

    sliara Active Member

    I haven't done that personally so I wouldn't really know, but analytically, I would go for the most popular site that has the most record of commercial success.
  7. MHThaung

    MHThaung Member

    It's also worth considering where your target readers are likely to be. Are there books similar to yours that seem to be selling well in one marketplace but not another? The nice thing about books (as opposed to, for example, kettles from competing manufacturers) is that it's not necessarily a zero-sum game :)
  8. Hova

    Hova Member

    D2D is amazing. I see they have partnered with stores like Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo (including Kobo Plus), OneDrive, Bibliotecha, Scribd, etc.
  9. CatInASuit

    CatInASuit Administrator Staff Member

    D2D does have a very wide reach, so if you can get something on there, you can end up on a lot of marketplaces at once.

    Then you have the happy problem of trying to sell books in a multitude of places.
  10. Hova

    Hova Member

    I think I'm going to give D2D a try. I already love it.

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