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BLM protests

Discussion in 'The Dive' started by Alexandoy, September 15, 2020.

  1. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy New Member

    I know this is a touchy issue but I am still at a loss why people should push their own race by calling the others racist? Pardon me if this topic is very sensitive. In this pandemic era we don't need protests and riots. We have to help ourselves since the economy is struggling.
  2. Duckie

    Duckie New Member

    I think it's American politics. There's enough shit over here without importing problems.
  3. What had happened in America is plain and obvious racism. I couldn't say any further for it might be misconstrued.

    If we love humanity we never be selective or choosy whom to treat and to maltreat.

    Everyone needs to be respected, to have the peace and the amenities in life.

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