Buying a #1 ranking?

Discussion in 'Writer's Lounge' started by atry, January 16, 2022.

  1. atry

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  2. Mine all mine

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    Its a bit like splashing the cash on ads. Kinda like publishers buying their own book to game the newspaper best seller lists.
  3. Kindler

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    If I had to guess, so I will, you don't get guaranteed 5-star reviews, but they will send it to a lot of people who are very, very, very likely to give it a 5-star review.

    And if you pay some more, they will look at writing a review of it before other books.

    It's pretty much advertising by now, and they use the conceit of buying the book to send to the reviewer to count as a sale as well as getting the review which games the Amazon algorithms even more.
  4. Terry

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    I guess there had to be a way for people to promote their books. It's marketing or reviews, so someone is going to work out how to make a quick buck from it.

    It's also why so many reviewers have to mention how they received the book, otherwise it gets counted as false advertising.
  5. Angel

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    And this is why Amazon review rankings are becoming more and more suspect as people pay for their 5 star reviews enticing people into buying the books allowing them to gain a higher ranking and so sell more books.

    And the reviews are all being very positive, because people can always find positive things to say about a book. But to get a book reviewed you have to jump the queue of all the other authors that want their book reviewed.

    I still have a backlog of stories to get though and I can quite understand why an inducement to make me read something first instead of being dutiful does make a lot of sense.

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