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Have you lived in a rural area?

Discussion in 'Life in General' started by luri, April 7, 2021.

  1. luri

    luri Member Scribe

    Currently, I am living in a city, capital city to be precise, however, I have also lived in a rural area (actually, my parents live there). In my village, basic amenities are absent (there are no medical facilities, colleges, supermarkets, grocery stores); however, I have always felt life out there is always peaceful. I sometimes travel to my village to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  2. tirial

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    I grew up in the south, in farming and fishing region. I love that type of area, just for the peacefulness. Unlike you, we had most of the facilities, like a doctors and schools, but for anything complex it was heading for the nearest town. I liked the peacefulness, the city ois great because everything is at my fingertips, but so many people packed together is stressful as hell.

    Most of my home county is being concreted over now. Last time I went back I didn't recognise it. It is true what they say, once you leave, you can never go home again.
  3. Lily

    Lily Member

    Dunno if this really counts but I grew up in the south-east, in a semi-rural area. My town contained two or three villages but we had all the basic amenities such as schools, further education, healthcare, a town centre with the normal high street shops and supermarkets, plus a retail park, business park and industrial estate. My house was close enough to farmland that stepping into the back garden during summer could be very unpleasant if the wind blew the smell of manure over in our direction!

    In school we had trips to the local farms and attended the East of England Show every year (always a fun day out). I also have horrible memories of PE: cross-country running across muddy farmers' fields on freezing cold days E:sob:

    There was a time when we saw strange lights in the sky and my brothers and the kids from our street jumped on their bikes and raced over to the rec, but sadly didn't find any aliens.
  4. nangk08

    nangk08 New Member Scribe

    I lived in the outskirts of a big city where we had all the amenities except for a little water shortage. But other than that, we had plenty of open spaces where we could just run around and play in the grass. If we walked for a while, we could go see a few fields, etc. There were a few trees around the fields where we could satisfy our hunger for climbing trees, until we were chased away by the owners. That is the closest that I came to living a rural life.
  5. Kindler

    Kindler Active Member

    Large towns and big cities for me. Spent most of it in with hustle and bustle and not seeing so much of the green stuff. Only got to see the countryside on school trips or driving through it on holidays.

    I don't mind it, and it's fun to go through, but i find myself longing for houses and shops when I am out and about. The thought of being stuck in the middle of some fields miles from nowhere, just makes me clutch all my mobile devices tighter.
  6. Athanas

    Athanas Member

    I was born and was brought up in very remote areas. Right now I live in town. What took me away from the rural area is academics and job/employment.
  7. CatInASuit

    CatInASuit Administrator Staff Member

    I grew up in the middle of the countryside and now I live in one of the biggest cities on the planet.

    I miss how clean and quiet it is, but I don't miss the lack of transport or amenites that were missing. They were totally missing but they were minimal. Driving was an absolute must in the area if you wanted to do anything.

    The few times I have been back it had changed quite a bit. If I went back now, it has been over a decade, I wonder if I would recognise the place.
  8. Yes, our city was once a town and it's under developed. Some places were not yet thickly populated.

    Even our town had only a very limited number of population.

    Kids were very active and they usually played on the street before the evening fall.

    The streets didn't have lights but trees were growing along the road.

    But now since our town was converted into city, we miss and long those old memories of our rural place before.
  9. Tregaron

    Tregaron Active Member

    My dogs are working dogs, so that's an answer. I still live in a rural area, though it shrinks every year as the developers try to drive the farmers out. We Welsh are too stubborn to sell mostly and there's still greenery here and places with no phone signal to drive the tourists mad.
  10. I still consider myself living in a rural area. We have a small ranch, and I am loving the process so far. We used to live in the urban areas a while back but we moved out and built a home that we love so much.
    We have hens and dogs.

    Everyone has a place they love to live, as for me I have adapted to this life.
  11. sliara

    sliara Active Member

    Never, I have only lived in the city and I don't intend to live elsewhere out of the city where I grew up in.

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