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Discussion in 'Writer's Lounge' started by Worried Writer, January 25, 2022.

  1. My manuscript is 55,000 words, and I think it is good. The feedback's been good, but I can't find anywhere to submit it for publishing. Everywhere wants 100,000 or more words, and agents seem to want the same. Please, do you know anywhere that would be open to it? I don't want to self-publish, because I don't have the money.
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    I am sorry. I have been in your position, and I am afraid I had to self-publish. Even a quick look now shows that the old shorter sci-fi just isn't being bought in the UK market, even when the publishers are open to submissions:

    Flametree: 70,000-120,000
    Tartarus: 75,000-100,000
    Angry Robot: 60,000

    You could try the Submission Grinder, it might find somewhere.
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    I have moved this to Writer's Room. If any of our authors can wade in, please do.
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    I began self publishing when I had a book that got excellent rejections but no one wanted to publish it. I was quite dejected, then decided I'd do it myself, and that is quite liberating. You can self publish yourself. Amazon have a free book on how to publish an e-book. And there's lots of advice out there. You can do your own cover or buy one very cheaply. The tricky bit is copy editing. Copy editing is checking spelling and grammar. Good copy editors are not cheap, but you may know someone who can do it for free, but they have to be good. Doing a paperback these days once you have the ebook is pretty cheap. Have a look at Joanna Penn's books on self publishing. She does some good blogs too.


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