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Discussion in 'Tea Room (Book Chat)' started by Mine all mine, June 16, 2021.

  1. Mine all mine

    Mine all mine Active Member

    Quick Q: Does anyone use iBookshelf.net? Its a site with articles about books, but you really won't believe where I just stumbled on it.
  2. Kindler

    Kindler Active Member

    Why do I feel this is a setup for a punchline or a clickbait link you find in ad spaces? :scheming:
  3. Tregaron

    Tregaron Active Member

    No, if Mine saw it where I think, it is for sale. Apparently this is legitimate. Another 14-year-old book site that is being sold on. I hope the new owners take care of it.
  4. Mine all mine

    Mine all mine Active Member

    Got it in one. It was on Flippa. Reserve of $1200, current bid $500. Its kinda worrying to see the old sites going down.
  5. tirial

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    I'm not sure about it. The domain is old, but the site isn't. If you check it out on archive.org it was originally a bookshelf filesharing program for a couple of years, then owned by a Russian domain farm, then picked up in 2020 and turned into its current form.

    That isn't a long time to build a site- specific following.
  6. Bookangel

    Bookangel Administrator Staff Member

    I am not sure it is actually for sale. I did send the owner a message through the contact form on the site asking about it, but got no response.
  7. Lynda

    Lynda New Member

    I did the same a few days ago and got back "Yes its for sale", so someone thinks it is.
  8. Mine all mine

    Mine all mine Active Member

    Good catch, @tirial I didn't check that. If the site is under eighteen months old, doesn't sound like it is really worth the $1200 they wanted then.
  9. Hova

    Hova Member

    Sad to see it all come to this. Brings a lot of memories.
  10. sliara

    sliara Active Member

    I just visited the site, it seems like it compiles the work of others for easy organization. Membership seems to be closed though, I wonder why.
  11. Hova

    Hova Member

    Isn't it obvious? They are going under.
    Isn't it obvious? They are going under.
  12. sliara

    sliara Active Member

    I'm not really sure if they are going down or just undergoing renovations, the site is still up and running.
  13. Angel

    Angel Munificent Critic

    It's remarkably easy to leave a website up and running as long as you continue to pay what ever costs are required for the hosts (or so I am told by the more expert people here).

    You can tell if the website is finally down when you find multiple links on a brightly coloured page with multiple adverts on.
  14. Hova

    Hova Member

    I have seen that happen to a lot of sites that were struggling.

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