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Discussion in 'Writer's Lounge' started by IgPayAtinLay, January 26, 2022.

  1. IgPayAtinLay

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    I'm submitting a work, but yesterday I received a message from a manuscript review service. They claim to be able to strengthen my manuscript, but I've never heard of them. What do they do differently than an editor? They're asking a lot of money for it.
  2. MHThaung

    MHThaung Member

    I'd be very suspicious of unsolicited approaches.

    General thoughts. Is your work as good as you can get it by yourself? Have you run it by critique buddies, beta readers and so on? Paid editing (or whatever this is) would seem to come further down the road than that.

    Personally, I've never paid for editing services (I self-publish), though I know people who do. They generally find their editors through word of mouth.
  3. About ten years ago didn't someone on here sent a book off to one of these services and got back that they should remove the volcano and the planes and focus on the main character's non-existant marital problems'? I've been cagey over them ever since.
  4. jessica

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    ::geek::That was VHF. :rolleyes:

    HIII MELLY!!! How long?! HOw've you been!
  5. Gutted

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    Don't. Don't make my mistake. I spent money on one of these services. It cost hundreds and it was not good.
  6. tirial

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    If you have been submitting manuscripts and then got a pack in the post unsolicited, I'd suspect one of the places you submitted has an arrangement or connection to whoever contacted you. It is a breach of GDPR, but that doesn't always stop them. The same thing happened to me a few years back.

    Check out whoever contacted you on Writer Beware or AbsoluteWrite's Bewares board. Those are rather comprehensive.
  7. Reader

    Reader Vile Critic

    I would suggest two very good reasons for caution.

    First, that money flows to the author, under what is now called Yog's Law. If someone ever contacts you requesting money, be cautious.

    Second, whether you are submitting to agents or to trade publishers, they will have their own editors and in-house style. Whatever you pay for will be replaced before publishing by the changes those editors make. As most agents and publishers are seeking strong voices, it can actually be harmful to have a third party look if their changes erase your voice. You would then have to write following books in their style not your own, or pay them to re-edit each release.

    In the worst case, a bad editor will introduce style and grammar errors that will get you dropped.
  8. DerekH

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    First step is Google their name and see what comes up. If you are really looking for an editor you want someone with track form. The best thing is a recommendation from someone you know and respect. I wouldn't touch someone who contacts me out of the blue.


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