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Pendragon - RPG

Discussion in 'Games & Giveaways' started by tirial, September 17, 2020.

  1. Threadmarks: Introduction

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    Arthur's Coat of Arms

    It is a time of myth and legend, a time lost to history, when dragons guarded hordes, and damsels must be rescued from towers. A time of chivalry and knights and kings, of courtly love and jousts and tourneys, of battles and quests and heroes. A time for a group of squires to be knighted, to take up their shields and seek out glory for their family and their name.

    It is AD 531.

    It is the Court of King Arthur Pendragon.

    Midsummer, 531

    It is a rush and a bustle at Midsummer in the court of Earl Robert, Lord of Salisbury, where two squires kneel before the throne clad in their finest. One at a time the Lord draws his blade, places it on one shoulder and then the next.

    A fine young man is dubbed Sir Jowen. He is clad in maille, of fine quality, and many whispers go around the court of his glorious lineage. He has much to live up to.

    His companion, dressed in leather armour of poorer quality becomes Sir Antor of Demdike. The whispers here are different, for the accent in which he takes his knightly vows is that of the North, of Rheged, a dangerous and untamed land.

    Among the watching heiresses one a surpassing beauty, clad in a gown blue as the sky, applauds with delight as the Earl raises each to their feet. Lady Elena is new to the court, but rumours abound of the wrong done her that was made right by these two brave young men.

    "Do honour to this court, and uphold the knightly virtues and you will bring glory and honour to your family names. I have no doubt that you will not let me down. Let the festivities commence!"

    A pretty scene, but will it actually play out that way. Let us go back to April of that year and find out.
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  2. tirial

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    Sir Jowen Jowen's Coat of Arms Sir AntorAntor's Coat of Arms Lady Elena Elena's Coat of Arms

    Known Allies:

    Sir Alwyn of Salisbury - Mentor and knightly sponsor Alwyn's Coat of Arms
    Sir Dyfi - Knight errant of Salisbury and his good friend

    Lady Enide - Lady of Rimchurch, widow of Sir Danan, mother of Sir Daine
    Sir Danan - A greatly loved knight, now deceased SirDanan's Coat of Arms
    The Loathly Damosel - Keeper of the holy grove by Sir Antor
    Sir Daine - A Knight fallen to Great Churlishness
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  3. tirial

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

  4. Threadmarks: Upavon 1

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    April 531, Upavon

    The feast is in full swing in the small Manor near Upavon, in the lands of Earl Robert of Salisbury. Two squires are at the lower table, with space to themselves as the Manor is not a rich or well-staffed one. At the upper table sits Sir Alwyn, the holder of the manor, a bluff bulky old man whose voice carries as he relays his tale of ventures as a squire in Uther's army where he lost his legs. His companion, Sir Dyfi, an older knight in poorer clothes listens raptly for Sir Alwyn's skill in the saddle is legendary. As the main course, the stag they ran to ground in today's hunt, is served Sir Alwyn holds up a hand.

    "Peradventure, sirs, I have been told that two ladies await without. I regret I cannot rise. Antor, Jowen, show them in!"
  5. CatInASuit

    CatInASuit Administrator Staff Member

    Jowan gives a gentle elbow to Antor to make sure he's listening as he rises from the table and respectfully acknowledges the command Sir Alwyn has just uttered.

    Once Antor is also standing, Jowan will make his way across to the doors to show the honoured guests in.
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  6. COG

    COG Citizen of Logres

    Standing slowly at first to check the steadyness of his legs and the depth of his cups Squire Antor rises to join his friend in welcoming the newcomers
  7. Threadmarks: Upavon 2

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    Jowen and Antor rise. As they leave the hall Jowen goes ahead, knowing the stables well, while Antor follows more slowly and makes sure the way is clear (and that the walls are not moving).

    In the stables, two fine palfreys are being tended by the groom. By the door, two damsels are waiting demurely. Both are dressed simply and modestly, though their attire is of fine quality. The first, the elder, bears herself with unmistakeable nobility. She has blonde hair fading to grey, though her face is barely-lined, and her dress is in the courtly style. Most remarkably, however, she wears a hood that covers her eyes.

    The younger with her is garbed in black, a dress, a hood, and a veil that conceals her face entirely, though the grace of her movements as she assists the elder is apparent.

    "I am the Lady Enide" the elder says, worn from the travails of the journey, "and I pray you, sirs, that I may speak with the Lord of this Manor."​
  8. CatInASuit

    CatInASuit Administrator Staff Member

    Jowan bows low to the two ladies showing his deference before speaking.

    "Milady, Sir Alywn is ready to greet you in the main hall. Please, if you would follow me, I am to escort you there."​

    Jowan gestures towards the door allowing them to enter the manor where, hopefully, Antor is waiting to help guide them. While doing so he tries to remember who Lady Elide is, and who the younger lady could be?
  9. Threadmarks: Upavon 3

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    The Lady Enide is unfamiliar to the squires though alongside her own blazon she bears the coat of arms of Sir Danan, a most honourable knight who lives some weeks' travel from here. Bowing, Jowen opens the manor door as, at the far end of the Portico, Antor opens the door to the Great Hall that the ladies may proceed.

    "Welcome, my Ladies," Sir Alwyn booms "I pray your forgiveness, for I do not rise to greet thee due to a lack of ability, not lack of courtesy. What brings thee to this hall?"​

    "My Lord, Sir, I am the Lady Enide, and this my niece the Lady Elina" the elder says, "I am widowed, gentlemen and ladies. My husband perished this winter passed."​

    "Sad tidings, my lady," Sir Dyfi says, "for I knew him well. He was a most noble and valiant man."​

    The Lady Enide inclines her head, her nobility not lessened by her grief. "Our son, Sir Daine the younger, was absent for we have two manors, my husband's, and my father's estate of Rimchurch. My son now resides in the castle of Rimchurch, where he was dispatched to manage his father's affairs. Alas, his father did not survive, and sent my son only one last letter setting out the principals of knighthood and commending the manors to his care."

    "Now I must seek the aid of knights to right a grave wrong. My son travelled to the neighbouring castles to inform them of his father's.death."

    He was ill-treated and churlishly used by those brutes who call themselves Lords. They challenged him, and in those challenges were the knightly virtues reversed and made mock of. They did not even acknowledge his bereavement, and my son has now decided that the true path of knights is that of the braggart and the churl and that knighthood has no place for honour."
    Lady Enide stops, her distress obvious. Lord Alwyn's heavy fist thumps the table."Rank villainy! Even pages and squires know better," he decrees, furiously. Taking a sip of wine, the Lady continues her tale of woe.

    "He has become a tyrant on his own lands, hated and feared by those he should protect. Worse followed, for my niece the Lady Elena, was to join an abbey. She holds a little land and her father's manor in her own right under the stewardship of the abbess. My son, to my shame, removed her from the abbey and claims rights to the manor.

    "In my shame I have masked my face, for I cannot bring myself to see the shame my son brings to his name. This then is what I ask: for some brave knights to go to his manors, and return with him to the brutish lords to prove that a good and decent man following the virtues of knighthood can win the day."
    Sir Alwyn scowls. "I would like nothing more than to aid you, my lady, but I move slowly these days. I can but send my squires to Salisbury for aid and offer you the safety of this hall and what meagre hospitality I can."

    "Nay, sir, " Sir Dyfi speaks, "For I shall take this quest-" as he makes to rise, his hand flies to his side, where he had been sorely smote by the beast's antlers before the knights brought it down. "I regret, I may be unable to take a quest of such urgency." The Lady Enide lowers her head, though the truth weighs heavy on her.

    "I thank thee for thy hospitality, but in truth I fear the aid of Salisbury will come too late. Hast though none other who can aid us?"​
  10. CatInASuit

    CatInASuit Administrator Staff Member

    Listening to Lady Enide's tale, Jowan cannot begin to wonder why someone would willing turn away from the path of knighthood. As there are no knights in the hall to lend their arms, then at his Lord's command he would be only to willing to ride to Salisburys to fetch aid, but that too would avail nought.

    Perhaps, maybe, there is another way he aid her. After all, it was as his Lord said, even squires and pages know better than to take such an egregious action. He and Antor could show this Daine the Younger the meaning of chivalry. It is, after all, the pinnacle that both of them are aspiring for.

    Jowan finds himself standing as tall as he can while trying to catch the eye of Sir Alwyn, hoping that the same idea might occur to his Lord. He would gladly take this chance to show that both of them understand what it means to be more than just squires, and more importantly, aid the ladies in their hour of need.
  11. jessica

    jessica Citizen of Logres

    The Lady Elena clasps her hands demurely. "Surely, sires, your young knights can take my cause?"​
  12. COG

    COG Citizen of Logres

    Indeed, our virtue shall win the day and guide this young knave back from the darkness to the light.

    By our Lord's command we shall assist these fine Ladies.

    What say you Sir Alwyn?
  13. tirial

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    Sir Alwyn laughs heartily. "My ladies, eager though they are, Antor and Jowen are but squires. They are not to be knighted til Pentecost. " He says. "And yet our squires are passing eager."

    "You spake yourself," Sir Dyfi says, hand covering his wound. "'e'en our pages and squires know better'."

    Sir Alwyn looks to his companion. "And our squires are such that Earl Robert has granted they are to be knighted. "

    "Though I doubt not their valour, I fear my son would take no heed of mere squires," the Lady Enide speaks dolefully. Sir Alwyn, known as the shrewdist of knights, looks to the squires in judgement.

    "Squires, the estate of Rimchurch is many days' travel. Should you take on this duty, you will not be here to travel to Salisbury and be knighted at Pentecost." He looks long, at Antor, and at Jowen. "You must sacrifice that honour if you are to succor these damosels, and your knighthood cannot be granted you 'til the following year. It is a knights' duty and you are not yet knights. T'would be no slight to your honour should you decline."

    "What say you?"​
  14. COG

    COG Citizen of Logres

    If I were to leave a Lady in need for the sole purpose of my own advancement then it seems to me that I would simply be proving myself unworthy of said Knighthood.
  15. jessica

    jessica Citizen of Logres

    Lady Elena smiles demurely at Antor in thanks and turns her veiled eyes to Jowen.
  16. CatInASuit

    CatInASuit Administrator Staff Member

    Jowan nods along at the true words of Antor.

    "I could not have put it better myself, for to leave these ladies in such distress would be to turn away from the knightly code we have sworn to uphold."​

    He turns to the ladies alongside him,
    "We may be mere squires, but we would do all within our ability to aid you, if allowed to do so." ​
  17. tirial

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    "Well said, trusty squires!" says Sir Alwyn. The Lady Enide graces them with a smile, but turns to the High table.

    "I find no fault in them, nor impune such courage, my lord, yet it must be said," the Lady sighs wanly. "I fear my son shall heed them not and treat them not gently. They are brave, sir, but they are squires."

    "And that remains but one minor impediment." Sir Alwyn turns himself to Sir Dyfi. "Be thou my hands in this. Antor, Jowan. I canst not grant thee arms, but for the time I trust this will suffice. Kneel, sirrahs."
    Sir Dyfi rises with some difficulty and draws his sword. Agrip with dreadful trepidation the squires fall to their knees as bidden.

    "Kneel before me, Jowan. Do you acknowledge Earl Robert of Salisbury as your rightful liege?"

    "I do."

    "Do you swear to uphold the virtues of knighthood, to come to the defense of women, to fight with valour, and to never turn aside from a quest?"

    "I do."

    "Kneel before me, Antor. Do you acknowledge Earl Robert of Salisbury as your rightful liege?"​

    "I do."

    "Do you swear to uphold the virtues of knighthood, to come to the defense of women, to fight with valour, and to never turn aside from a quest?"

    "I do."
    Sir Dyfi lightly taps Jowan on both shoulders with the blade.

    "Arise, Sir Jowan. "
    Sir Dyfi lightly taps Antor on both shoulders with the blade, though it cost him some effort, for the injured knight has been long on his feet.

    "Arise, Sir Antor of Demdike."
    Sir Dyfi sheathes his sword. The young knights stagger to their feet, knowing the ceremony from the dreadful battles of Windsor and Mons Badon and the Anarchy before the High King, where a squire whose deeds earned knighthood may not live to be knighted full formally. T'was not how they had expected the grant of their knighthood and yet the full grant of arms must follow, should they live.

    "Come," Sir Alwyn booms. "You are knighted now. Take your seats at the high table. Your shields will bear my blazon until Earl Robert confirms you as knights deserving arms of your own." His voice cracks out in formal tones. "And remember, sirrahs, that thou bearest my arms, and if thou shouldst dishonour them I will forthrightly chastise thee."

    "And now, Ladies, Knights, " Sir Dyfi adds, as he retakes his seat with some effort. "We shall celebrate! You shall depart for Rimchurch on the morrow. Servants - wine until we can drink no more! If there is ought you need for the journey tell the pages afore you sleep."

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  18. jessica

    jessica Citizen of Logres

    Lady Elena eats only a few slices of an apple, for she will not raise her veil to eat.
    "I shall not show my face until the shame of my family is expunged." she says, "but I have hope these valiant knights shall deliver us." She favours them with a glance, and retreats to her room to sleep.
  19. CatInASuit

    CatInASuit Administrator Staff Member

    Still reeling from the ceremony and surprised by the sudden change in seating and reaction, Jowan tries to maintain his composure, which is easier done after the first glass of wine.

    Now that he is thinking a little clearer, he looks around to introduce himself more formally to the two Ladies only to see that one has retired and the other is well above his station. Maybe in the cold light of morning it could be a little easier.

    He beckons to one of the pages and makes sure that for the morning, his horse is prepared for the journey, and that his squirely, no that his knightly garb is ready, as well as some rations and a travelling pack.

    He stays a little longer and then looks to retire to his room bidding good night to Sir Alywn, Sir Dyfi and Lady Enide while promising to fulfil the trust placed in him.
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  20. COG

    COG Citizen of Logres

    After a hearty feast and a deeper dive into the depths of inebriation the now Sir Antor raises one final toast to the success of the coming journey and then sets forth to gather supplies.

    Trusting the pages to secure the more mundane provisions and in addition to the acquisition of livery suiting his new station Sir Antor seeks more esoteric and situationally useful items such as rope, lamp oil, several large sacks, a live chicken or rabbit and if possible a hook for grappling.

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