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Pendragon - RPG

Discussion in 'Games & Giveaways' started by tirial, September 17, 2020.

  1. jessica

    jessica Citizen of Logres

    "Sirs, perhaps we should make haste to the castle? For this is a great tragedy, but we cannot bury people without a churchyard and a priest. If we bury them without his permission, will not Sir Daine simply dig them up? I begin to fear Sir Daine encountered no churlish behaviour from his neighbours, but simply fell in bad company on the road." says Lady Elena.
  2. COG

    COG Citizen of Logres

    Let us draw this evil out from the root instead of pruning the ugly surface protuberances that are but a symptom of a deeper taint.

    It will weigh heavily upon our quest for such injustice to be allowed to stand in the wake of our passing, but should these poor souls be granted their rest then let such slumber be both hallowed and final.

    It would do these poor souls greater disservice to receive their final rites only for them to be raised once again to grace the branches with their grizzly countenance.

    So let us away to the castle and seek to remedy the source of these ills that we may return to this place in good time and gift a final resting once such finality can be assured.
  3. CatInASuit

    CatInASuit Administrator Staff Member

    Sir Jowan considers the words from the others and realises to his detriment that he has spoken too quickly and brashly.

    "I believe I have have erred in haste with my words, and that would lead to errant actions. I shall defer to the wiser words of my peers, who have thought through the course of events that would follow more than I."

    He considers what the Lady Elena utters in earnest. "Until we meet and know what has transpired with Sir Daine, it will be difficult to know what course to take. If Sir Daine has fallen in with bad fellows, then removing him from their influence may be a prudent course of action."

    "I do concur, we should head for the castle and see what we face as fast as we can."
  4. tirial

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    "Then take my blessing and god speed." Hereward says. "The main path to the castle is best, for the weather has been poor and the forest tracks on the hill are hard travel for ladies."

    Thanking the Reeve for his words, the knights turn their horses to the castle, leading their entourage back to the fork in the road.

    "I pray it is naught so simple as bad company," the Lady Enide says, pensively. "T'would pain me sorely to know my son untruthful or weak of will to be so easily swayed. T'was only once he returned that he made his wild claims that honour was naught and surrounded himself with such villains. But how can he have broekn each virtue of knighthood when dealing with knights my husband named friend?" She quiets and says no more.

    The road winds up towards Rimchurch castle. It is a pleasant journey, save for the challenge that lies ahead of them. Sir Jowen sees the tracks upon the path, horses that ride out often lightly burdened and return heavily laden, but rounceys (good riding horses, like the young knights themselves ride). Only one knight's iron-shod charger has left marks in the dirt.

    Rimchurch castle tops the hill, well maintained and greatly defensible. Dour-faced men patrol the low stone ramparts, though to Sir Antor's eyes they are too far apart, speaking of a castle with too few defenders, or the main of them well-hidden. The pennants hang limp in the wind, slightly tattered, gules with a saltire or.

    SirDanan's Coat of Arms

    Lady Elena knows it passing strange that the pennants still display Sir Danan's arms, for Sir Daine had not taken them up when last she was here.

    The sun is low to the horizon, and the knights must take the night here if they do not wish the ladies to overnight in the forest. As they approach the gate, Sir Antor hears the drawing of bows. They are hailed by an unsmiling guard.

    "Halt! who goes?"
  5. CatInASuit

    CatInASuit Administrator Staff Member

    Sir Jowan pulls himself up in the saddle to address the guard.

    "Hail to the Castle. The Lady Enide and the Lady Elena are present at your gates and request entry." he calls out clearly leaving no doubt who the more important people in the party are. "This is Sir Antor," he continues gesturing to his companion, "I am Sir Jowan. We have the honour and privilege of escorting them to this demesne."

    He looks at the guard to see what kind of fellow he is, whether bright eyed and alert, or unkempt and sullen, as if the position he is in, is not to his liking or the standards that would be expected of a noble have slipped.
  6. jessica

    jessica Citizen of Logres

    Lady Elena rides forward to confirm his words, trying to see if she knows any of the guards. "Hail, watchman. The Lady Enide and myself have returned from Salisbury with these fine knights, who have brought us safely back from our travels. We seek an audience with Sir Daine."
  7. COG

    COG Citizen of Logres

    Without speaking up or overtly drawing attention Sir Antor pulls at the reigns of his steed adjusting his postion to keep his own body between the archers and the ladies.
  8. tirial

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    "It is the master's mother, returned from her travels! Open the gates." The wooden gates open with many a grudging creak, and the Lady Enide leads the party within.

    As they pass, the churl at the gate grasps Sir Antor's bridle, and speaks most forthrightly.

    "Sirs, I know your arms for Sir Alwyn of Upavon. My father served him in Good Uther's wars and spoke most well of him. For your protection of the ladies I see you a knight in his image and for his sake, be you son or cousin, I give you warning. A knight be known by the company he keep, and Sir Daine is no good company. Within lie robber knights and mercenaries, for he has dismissed those that served his father. Those good knights that remonstrated with him, he has sent to find service elsewhere. Tarry within these walls no longer than you must for the sake of your good name."​

    The churl releases the bridle, and steps back to his post, patting the horse on the rump to keep it moving.

    Inside the gate, ill-mannered louts lounge around indolently, watching the servants sullen and subdued who are sorting grain stocks in the courtyard. A sallow-faced man with a sword at his hip takes notes on parchment as he directs them, disdaining a scribe. Sir Jowen can make out the Latin forms from here, though he knows little of the language. It seems these confiscated grain stocks are being rationed back to the villages, a strange way of managing a manor. For all the sword and bearing that make the man a fighter, he is no knight.

    The Lady Elena sees few familiar faces for she has been at an abbey for many years. The familiar faces she does see are among the servants, bent and quieted, and one upright she most greatly despises.

    The man sees the knights and gestures, but speaks no word of welcome. A servant runs inside, as two more come to take the horses' bridles.

    "It is to my shame that this is the welcome at Rimchurch castle," the Lady Enide says, dolefully, as she dismounts. "My son fails to stir from within to greet even his own mother. Good sir knights, I pray that you can resolve this. My words and aid are at you wish, while we wait."​
  9. CatInASuit

    CatInASuit Administrator Staff Member

    As the Lady Enide dismounts, then Sir Jowan follows shortly behind. "Indeed, I am both dismayed and concerned that your son is late in his coming." he says quietly, lowering his voice so it might not reach ill-mannered louts but is audible to the rest of the party.

    He looks round the louts scattered around, judging each one against those who have trained him. "I do not see many that could claim the honour of being a Knight, though their looks may deceive, but several fellows that could appear to be a source of trouble. But given their numbers, our words will have to be more use than our arms."

    He looks round to see where Sir Daine may enter from.
  10. jessica

    jessica Citizen of Logres

    Lady Elena turns herself away from Septimus, for it must be he, and refuses to meet his eyes. She keeps close to Sir Jowen and Sir Antor for her own safety among the ruffians. "Good sirs," she says quietly, "pray protect me in such a place."

    She looks for the priest or a chapel where she may retreat to spend the night in safety.
  11. CatInASuit

    CatInASuit Administrator Staff Member

    Sir Jowan looks across to Sir Antor and nods to him. "Sir Antor, if I ensure the safety of the ladies from the right, will you do likewise for the left."

    He turns back to Lady Elena, "We are both knights sworn to protect you, please do not fear even in such a place..." before realising what he has uttered and he looks abashed at Lady Enide. "Please forgive my words, I meant no ill."
  12. COG

    COG Citizen of Logres

    Gladly I will follow your lead Sir Jowan.

    Although I wonder how long we intend to wait for an audience, or even a welcome?
  13. CatInASuit

    CatInASuit Administrator Staff Member

    Sir Jowan aims a wry smile back at his companion. "I was planning on following the lead of my elder and better", he says quietly, with an inclination of his in the direction of Lady Enide.

    "But I do not know where anyone, let alone Sir Daine, is to come and greet us, let alone provide the barest succour that would be expected of any knightly holding. Mayhaps we should wait here a few moments more before we rouse the castle for their lack of manners towards their most august guest."

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