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Writing during Covid?

Discussion in 'Writer's Lounge' started by PuzzleRaven, September 18, 2020.

  1. PuzzleRaven

    PuzzleRaven Member

    I'm not. Viral Untruths stalled depsite six more finished chapters. The one in the middle isn't happening. I have full outlines for the others. I have a working machine to type in, and...
    ...it is just not happening.

    Please tell me I am not the only one. I get daily emails asking me to write more, I keep planning to, and....

    I hate lockdown. I hate Lockdown so very very much.
  2. Angel

    Angel Munificent Critic

    I know how you feel.

    I thought with lockdown, I would have plenty of spare time and space to be able to read books and get reviews out without problem.

    It's so difficult that just starting them is giving me problems. I keep prevaricating at each story I need to read and my backlog keeps getting longer week on week.
  3. atry

    atry Active Member

  4. Kindler

    Kindler Active Member

    You know, it's amazing how onerous documentation has got when there is no-one else around to disturb you and you can just sit down and get it run out and there is just one distraction after another. Especially if it's another notification ping from whichever social media site I have running in the background, which just needs my attention now because I am working at home and I can do the documentation later and so on and so on.

    Yeah, even the documentation ain't getting done.
  5. sliara

    sliara Active Member

    Well I will still try my best to be creative during Covid-19 season. After all, this is the time where people are taking an extended vacation and there is a lot of time to relax because everyone is taking a break.
  6. PuzzleRaven

    PuzzleRaven Member

    I wish. Working from home means working. After all those hours at a computer screen, I can't take spending longer staring at the same screen in the same office to write my own stories....
    ...I am praying for a cafe to open. Somewhere. Anywhere.
  7. luri

    luri Member Scribe

    During the height of Covid pandemic, 4 months of lockdown was imposed in our home country. Since I did not have to go to work, I had a lot of time. Sadly, I was mentally disturbed during the 4 months of lockdown. The news of spreading infections and deaths troubled me so much that I couldn't concentrate on writing. However, I did continue working online, on my blog, and on the third-party earning site.
  8. sliara

    sliara Active Member

    Why? Don't you want to just relax in your own home instead of being hassled by the noise of the city streets? What's up with not having a cafe?
  9. PuzzleRaven

    PuzzleRaven Member

    You mean the same four walls I get up in, I eat in, I work in, I finish in, and I go to sleep in without seeing anything else. I suspect your area isn't on lockdown.
  10. jessica

    jessica Citizen of Logres

    E:astonished:E:screamcat:Um... Where are you based?:baffled:

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