Review Beware of the Nice Strange Man

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Bookangel, 15 Feb 2016.

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    Beware of the Nice Strange Man

    For its intended audience, children and parents who want to raise the issue of web safety, this is ideal. I'd even suggest it should be in school libraries.

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  2. jessica

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    :eek: That thing peering through the grate makes me think of Stephen King!
  3. rz3300

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    Well I would have to say that it is never a bad thing to have a story that stresses the importance of web safety. These days you can never really be too careful when it comes to this, and if you get the kids' attention and teach them a little lesson, that is a win win for me. This looks like an interesting read, and I love the title.
  4. porridge

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    This book might not squick the grandkids out, but it gave me the willies. Reminds me of "It's not your father, it's just wearing his face."

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