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Discussion in 'Life in General' started by C. Lee McKenzie, 30 Aug 2017.


Are you entering the Distinctive Cats Contest?

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  1. Just wanted the Book Angels to know that the Insecure Writers Support Group Newsletter came out today, and there's a very nice link to your contest. Here's the LINK if you'd like to see the mention.
  2. CatInASuit

    CatInASuit Administrator Staff Member

    Many thanks on that, it is much appreciated.
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  3. Terry

    Terry Member

    Only another couple of days to get those final entries in...
  4. Terry

    Terry Member

    ...think I lost a couple of days somewhere, deadline's here.
  5. Tregaron

    Tregaron Member

    How are you all doing with the books? I believe the final entries were surprisingly high, and the number of books with cats, suprisingly low.
  6. So people entered the contest, but not with cat stories?
  7. Angel

    Angel Munificent Critic

    I have read several of them so far ... no I will not comment on any of them ... and the amount of cat per book does vary.

    However, all of the books so far have had a cat in, for various values of the word cat.
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  8. atry

    atry Member

    Are there any updates about the 2018 competion?
  9. Angel

    Angel Munificent Critic

    We're still thinking about it, although it's more likely to be a yes than a no.

    However, we will give ourselves a lot more time if we do.
  10. porridge

    porridge Member

    Heard that Catchat were looking at joining in. Sounds great. When's it reopen again?
  11. jessica

    jessica Active Member

    Working with catchat sounds like a great idea:D!

  12. Terry

    Terry Member

    So...any updates?
  13. Tregaron

    Tregaron Member

    If you are talking about 2018 then perhaps you should start another thread? After what has happened to the IT team this year, restarting this one is rather insensitive, don't you think?
  14. Angel

    Angel Munificent Critic

    I agree with @Tregaron - given everything it currently on the backburner shall we say. As and when we have news, we will let you know.
  15. Belle

    Belle Member

    [Mod Edit]Message removed. [Mod Edit]
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  16. Bookangel

    Bookangel Administrator Staff Member

    You've been warned about off-topic and Big Six author posts before (Nicholas Sparks is NOT an indie author), and had multiple posts and threads removed.

    Your threat to come back under a new username will be interesting as we pre-mod users to prevent this type of spam.

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  17. tirial

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    Ouch... she really spammed a memorial thread?

    The 2018 Distinctive Cat Awards are about to be announced. Keep your eyes pealed for a new thread.
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