How young is too young for Kindles?

Discussion in 'Tea Room (Book Chat)' started by jessica, 10 Aug 2017.

  1. jessica

    jessica Member

    What age is best for a child to be before they get a Kindle?
  2. Demi

    Demi New Member

    In all honesty, people are getting kids tablets so young these days, so I'm not sure there is a correct answer. My younger cousin is 5 and his dad bought his iPad for him when he was 3 or 4. He's able to use it like an expert and there's a bunch of learning apps too.
  3. Jordan

    Jordan Member

    The only recommendation I know of is for television, which says no screen time for children under 2. Of course, I regularly see babies handed phones. Demi's story blows my mind. I can't afford an iPad, and a 5-year-old has one?

    Anyway, my best answer is that it depends on the comfort level of the parent. I do think Kindle is a better option since the Fire has parental controls that limit screen time for games and can prevent unauthorized purchases. Amazon also has family bookshelves, which lets you share selected books among family members.
  4. Julia

    Julia Member

    I have a six year old who has a Kindle. She loves to read on it although she is just learning. I do let her play some games on it sometimes, but not for hours and hours. I think if they are used right, they can be good teaching tools for children of any age.
  5. I probably wouldn't hand one over until they were ten or twelve because I would want them to play outside and I'd be afraid the device would stifle their creativity and get them addicted to screen time early on. Plus, I'd want to be sure that the child would take care of the device and be responsible with it. But honestly, I'm sure I picked up all those lovely ideals from a magazine somewhere as I haven't any children. :D

    I guess making sure the child could take care of the device isn't that important. Here is a kindle for kiddos that comes with a two year worry-free guarantee - "If they break it, we'll replace it. No questions asked."

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