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Discussion in 'The Dive' started by Reader, 25 May 2018.

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    Bookangel Note: This is not a review. Reader is not allowed to review romance books except under limited circumstances due to her utter loathing of the conventions of the genre. We in the club have been subjected to these research-backed tirades, so here, for your education, are a few in written form.

    This should not be taken as a serious review or critique of the book.

    Reader's Note: I wasn't going to do another one of these, but To Love Thy Neighbour (0 reviews UK, 4 US) left me discarding my kindle and going for a walk. The book was only half-read, and I found myself praying for the deaths of the disgusting hypocritical unpleasant wastes of oxygen that were the leads. And to slap whoever the editor was with the unedited The Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors and Hart's Rules - all editions.

    At 9,000 locs this was a larger book than I planned to read, but what the hell: full steam ahead and damn the torpedos. I should have considered that choppily edited waters like these may contain frequent landmines.

    The conversation on 754 makes no sense at all. It was discussing plants, then veers to an electrical job, and he answers about sex, with no references to former conversations as a lead in, thus making no sense at all. Then we hit location 973 to 1068, where we learn that the lead character believes she is accepting of everyone and won't accept people who aren't. Yet she also states that anyone to the right of absolute centre politics is an arsehole and won't accept them (which rather contradicts her other views about accepting anyone). This tolerant soul calls an older gay man a 'decrepit faggot' (her words, not mine) and then this happens, without any challenge, directly in front of her:

    One of their wonderful, liberal, accepting, group made the following comment, and I put the book down:

    "And transexuals," added Tracy. "But you're too pretty to be one of those."

    Bigoted characters I can handle (they are usually villains), but when your lead is that much of a hypocrite I just don't want to read about her anymore.

    I thought the point of romance was that I was meant to want the leads to have happy ever after, not to wish for a woodchipper accident to befall her as the best way to improve the world. The only thing is that her beau truly deserves this dreadful woman: he wants to smile when he sees he's making her uncomfortable and is having booty calls with a single mum whose son is hitting on him. Gay, straight, or other, most people I know draw the line at bagging mum's fling...

    No bones are made about the fact the relationship is based entirely on physical attraction. It certainly isn't based on character, with Leon and his friends publicly rating the women they sleep with by comparison with their experiences with their trusty right hands. I'm not sure what happened to 'a gentleman never tells', but I am quite sure that Leon is no gentleman.

    I did flick ahead to see if it got any better. That's how I discovered she's been carrying on an on-off affair with her ex-husband (who is married again with children) for ten years, and blackmails him when he tries to end it (exact quote loc 1319: "You won't tell them. Because if you do, your wife will find out, so will your voters' then bang goes your chance of ruling the world, guvernor"*). I find myself begging for the intervention of the independence day aliens to obliterate all these dreadful, dreadful, people.

    I was in two minds about putting this up, and then I showed Angel the passages I had found. She asked for the book's name so she could make sure she could avoid reading it.

    *Yes, the misplaced apostrophe on voters' is in the book. No, she can't spell governor.
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    I've just read a romance, it had its flaws but was generally fun to read.

    This one.....I merely wish I could be as eloquent as Reader.
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    It's OPs like this that really make me want to have a popcorn smiley.
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    This review had me laughing and cringing the whole time. I hate it when a character is portrayed as (or well, rather said to be) accepting and then is intolerant of people who have opposing viewpoints. The hypocrisy seems to layer on from there. She sounds absolutely insufferable. I'll be steering clear of this one (and hoping that I'll stumble upon more reviews like this).

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