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Switch to AntiX Linux: Step by Step Guide: Guide to Linux for Windows users

Last Free Dates: 2nd Mar 21 to 6th Mar 21
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...The author knows their material, but sadly is not good at communicating it to their desired audience....

This is a guide to switching from Windows to Linux, an important and topical subject at the current time.

The formatting is good, though some of the diagrams are split across pages on the Cloud reader. The English by contrast is rather less so, for example: “if you fail your PC may go brick” is not grammatically correct, but certainly gets the point across. The book contains links that seem to be accurate, though I have not tried creating my own Linux drive, and instructions that I had severe trouble puzzling out due to the quality of the writing.

As I am not especially technical myself, I have recruited help from our board’s more technical members for this review.

Tirial: Their introduction to Linux is how I would introduce a new user, covering LiveUSBs to test it out. Sadly, while PCs won’t “go Brick” from using a USB stick, they certainly can during a new OS installation. Before trying to install a new OS always back up your data. Linux uses a different partition system to Windows, so switching between one or the other can DEFINITELY overwrite your data. His next chapter describes side effects including a non-booting PC which is exactly what bricking is! Several terms are incorrect, e.g. Double OS is called “dual-booting”. In terms of legibility I can only suggest to the author:

The links are correct, and the process is how I use LiveUSBs, but if I didn’t already know how to do this, I couldn’t follow these instructions. He also mixes running Linux from USB (no threat to your data) and installing it directly to your HDD, which is. There are not two separate types of Linux USBs, one for Live, and a separate one for Installation. Instead, most Live Linux USBs have an ‘install to disc’ option which…

Thank you, Tirial. I understood precisely none of that. Anyone else?

Mine all Mine: sudo pandoc -o this_ebook.engrish this_ebook.plaintext

…nor that. The consensus appears to be that while accurate, the instructions are in such poor english that they are difficult to follow. While I could not follow them, I did come away with a better overview of Linux than I previously possessed, and an awareness that LiveUSBs exist. However I have been told that the book will be kept as a quick reference by one of the people I asked for help.

The author knows their material, but sadly is not good at communicating it to their desired audience. With an editor, proofreader or much as I hate to say it, a translator, this would be an extremely useful book, with a very high rating. As presented however I would not feel comfortable trying to set up Linux using this ebook as my sole guide. As such I cannot recommend it.

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sliara (26 June 2021)
Seems like this ebook isn't well-written and the instructions are hard to follow because of poor English. Well if it's that bad, better to just research on how to use Linux online then.

Rebekalmep (4 July 2021)
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