Recursive fan fiction?

Discussion in 'Tea Room (Book Chat)' started by jessica, 13 Apr 2018.

  1. jessica

    jessica Active Member

    So fanfiction of fanfiction is a thing?:confused: Any good examples? I didn't think fanfics were popular enough to get fics of their own:D? Is this just a shared universe thing like the Lunaverse?::geek::
  2. Kindler

    Kindler Active Member

    So, this would be anything involving Fix-fics for Fifty Shades of Grey which was a fan fiction of Twilight. ::rofl::

    And needed all the fixing it could get.

    I'm betting there are a lot of other examples out there, but this is the one that came (no pun intended) to mind.
  3. Tregaron

    Tregaron Member

    So, by this classification would Mallory's Morte d'Arthur, be fanfiction, recursive fanfiction, a shared universe, or something else entirely?
  4. Reader

    Reader Vile Critic

    The 15th century Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?

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