RIP Stephen

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by CatInASuit, 19 Oct 2016.

  1. tirial

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    His sister, Matilda, is still with us. As she was mourning him badly and refusing to eat we had to get someone to keep her company much sooner than we'd have liked, a rescue kitten named Sophie who's been with us a year. We're lucky: for unrelated cats they get on well, although Matilda is both 'top cat' and 'daft old bat' in Sophie's eyes. We're going to have to get a third cat soon as Sophie can't be an only cat and we don't want to get forced into rushing it as we were after Stephen. We might not get lucky twice.
  2. porridge

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    Any plans? ?
  3. tirial

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    We are going to see a new kitten tomorrow. He is adorably and overwhelmingly cute. We now just have to make sure he can get on with the other cats.
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    ::ninja::Kitten photos? ::unsure:: I see no kitten photos?::suss::::ninja::
  5. jessica

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    Any photos?::geek:: :)
  6. CatInASuit

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    There you go - Kitten Pic.


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