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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Bookangel, 31 Mar 2016.

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    The Criers Club

    The Crier's Club may be fictional, but it handles the topic of terminal illness with dignity, sensitivity, and intelligence. This is a really good book...it is likely to have broad appeal.

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    This is certainly a touchy subject, but I am hoping that this handles it well, like you say. I know that I have had my experiences with this, with family members that is, and so I am betting that I will be able to relate pretty well, which is always nice.
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    It's unfortunate that we live in a world where most people would rather read about other people's misfortunes and miseries than their successes. I know that's just my opinion, but I really would rather read an uplifting book than one that deals with sad or negative things. That being said, there is a vast number of people who are sure to appreciate this book.

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