The Net Book Agreement?

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    There have been moves in the UK to bring back the Net Book Agreement. While it was a cartel, the prices did allow publishers to subsidise lesser known or mid-list authors, keeping a wider range of books on the shelves and letting writers have time to get established. I have books from the seventies with holepunched covers or black lines drawn across the pages by those booksellers who wanted to discount. It also allowed the production and subsidy of the 99p Classics ranges. It benefited booksellers as independent shops could not be priced out by chains, as they had to sell books at the same price.

    France and Germany still have these agreements.

    If they brought it back what form should it take, and how would they handle ebooks? Amazon and Google would doubtless fight it, particularly Amazon as they might not like the Createspace fees or being forced to sell without discounts.

    (If you don't know much about it, check the Guardian for a comprehensive, if slanted, article)
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    Thanks for bringing this up, Tregaron as I hadn't heard of it. I wonder if it would have an affect on ebook piracy. I'm not yet sure if bringing back the Net Book Agreement would be a good thing, but I would like to see Amazon with a strong competitor.

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