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Discussion in 'Site News' started by Bookangel, 21 Oct 2017.

  1. Bookangel

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    We are making a few changes:
    1) We're combing sites for distinctivecat and reviewaside into bookangel. They will still have their own URL but will also be reachable from thedistinctivecat.bookangel and reviewaside.bookangel. This makes it easier for us to display news from those sites on the main page, and lets traffic to those pages be credited to bookangel.

    2) We're contacting charities to work with for next year's Distinctive Cat award. Battersea and Cats Protection aren't interested as we're too small but some smaller rescues expressed an interest.

    3) We're looking for an alternative to Paypal as it has started rejecting many US residents who try to pay us. From looking at the Paypal support boards we are not the only people with this problem, but it is costing us between 10 and 50% of our income each month and we can't afford the site without that.

    4) We need to get more reviewers onboard, possibly paying a small amount per review, just to get the backlog down. If you are interested, please PM me. Preference given to people who write British English.
  2. Bookangel

    Bookangel Administrator Staff Member

    A quick update:
    The menu has changed so Discuss Books now reads Forums. Apparently people thought it was a chat, so the change will clear things up.

    The member page is now on the menu. This is still in beta, but is designed to make managing your emails, newsletters and so on much easier, and combing the reminder system in.

    If you want new features on it, or things to combine in, please let us know in this thread or through the contact page.

    And finally we have been in touch with Cat Chat, a charity that helps rescues and cat rehomers get in touch across Britain, including rehoming overlooked cats. They have said they would be interested in partnering with us for 2018, if we ran the Stephen Award again. If anyone has any objections, let us know now or we'll go ahead.
  3. CatInASuit

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    Another quick update.

    You should now be able to get diamonds directly if you refer someone to the site and they post at least five times.

    This is outside of a referral contest, so feel free to start referring people as you wish.

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