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Creating your own digital library

Discussion in 'Tea Room (Book Chat)' started by Belle, December 7, 2017.

  1. Belle

    Belle Member

    I always keep all the ebooks that I read. I have amassed close to 10, 000 books from the past 20 years. I haven't read them all - some I downloaded because the title looked interesting, but I haven't gotten to them yet. Do any of you keep the books you've read, or maybe you don't see the need to do so since digital books are so easily accessible?
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  2. natalie

    natalie Member

    I never get rid of any books - ebooks or otherwise - unless somehow I've managed to end up with duplicates (which really only happens with my hardcopies). I've amassed quite a collection but nowhere near the size of yours! I've only gotten into ebooks within the last couple of years though because I used to be very stuck-up about them, haha. I still prefer hardcopies, personally, but I'll get ebooks because they're convenient and usually a lot cheaper.
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  3. Donna

    Donna Member

    Like you Natalie, I have a hard time getting rid of books. Due to downsizing I was forced to give up many, many books. I donated them to the local public library so they would find a good home. I do have a lot of ebooks that I haven't read yet but I think that's the way to go because they take up little space. However, I will always prefer a hard copy over an electronic book.
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  4. Kindler

    Kindler Active Member

    I try keep all mine as well, the electronic ones more so than normal ones. I only have so much space I can put a bookshelf up in, but a hard drive can hold so many, that it would be a waste not to hold on to them.

    The couple of times I have deleted any by accident, I usually go and re-download the copy again
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  5. Jordan

    Jordan Active Member

    I don't give up my books easily either. The nice thing about a Kindle is that as long you don't delete something permanently, Amazon will hang on to it for you.

    Space is definitely an issue for physical books. I've pared down my books a few times over the years, getting rid of duplicate copies (oops), ones that I outgrew, or read but didn't love. They either get donated or gifted.
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