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Discussion in 'Scribblings' started by Bookangel, March 22, 2018.

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  1. Bookangel

    Bookangel Administrator Staff Member

    • Scribblings is for sharing your fiction and original articles.
    • It must be your original content or you must confirm to the boards that you have permission to repost.
    • Beneath the content you may add a brief (two line) bio or comment and a link to your site, Amazon, or a tipjar (Paypal, Shiftly etc is fine).
    • You may post threads about stories you have written on other sites: e.g. synposis and link to story on Wattpad.
    • One thread a story.
    For professional authors, be aware this board is open to the web. Some publishers may count work published here as using up first rights if you want to sell it later. That doesn't mean you can't indie publish it yourself through KDP, or republish it on any other site you want!

    We can now add index posts and threadmarks to serials. If you want to arrange to put up scheduled installments, e.g. you've got the next three written and want them to go up once a month while you work on the next set, please contact an admin. We can abuse use the boards notice feature to do this. Index posts get added at request, either the authors or a reader's.

    If you're running a serial of Fanfic we can add threadmarks to each installment to give you a Reader mode. This also means each update gets tweeted and shows on the Threads RSS. Either ask @Bookangel, or wait until a mod notices the thread.

    If you want Feedback please tag the thread with a Request tag:
    Request Edit
    Request Proofing
    Request Britpick/USPick/[country]pick

    I've received a number of PMs querying copyright status of posts on this board.

    To clarify:
    • The copyright remains with the writer.
    • The board gains a licence (non-exclusive) to publish the post, including the right to quote it on this board, or modify it by use of the [mod-edit] tag.
    • We are covered by British copyright law which means that Fair Use is not in play, and the much more restrictive Fair Dealing rules apply.
    One important difference is that while Fair Use is broad, Fair Dealing sets out the specific circumstances where it may be used, and prohibits absolutely replication of the entire work. Normally only twenty words may be used.

    Also in the UK, copyright is granted on creation of a work, and no registration is necessary. This means that for those of our members who are members of author's groups, their works are protected by those group's anti-plagarism policies and insurances.

    Shapeshift Tipjar BBCode (for altcoin uses):
    Outputs this: Tip the author:
    To use: Put the receiving wallet address by the = and the three letter code for the currency you want between the tags. Donated currency will automatically be converted to this.
    (The example above donates any crypto-currency to a Bitcoin Gold wallet run on behalf of Bookangel.)

    Tipping authors
    You can tip authors Diamonds (Credits) by posting a reply like:
    !tip @<authorname> <amount>

    so !tip @tirial 10 would give tirial 10 Diamonds from your wallet.

    The old BBCode tipjar has been disabled.
    Last edited: July 22, 2018
  2. jessica

    jessica Citizen of Logres

    If I wanted to share a link to a story on wattpad or something, can I do it here:)?
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  3. Bookangel

    Bookangel Administrator Staff Member

    Only if it is your own work or you have permision from the author. We will check. Remember, if you want it to go out on the Twitter feed, please start a new thread.
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