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News Jan 2016 Newspaper Book Reviews out

Discussion in 'Site News' started by Bookangel, January 22, 2016.

  1. Bookangel

    Bookangel Administrator Staff Member

    Jan 2016 Newspaper Book Reviews out

    The Croydon Citizen 2016 is out, and with it our book review feature. This month it is on page 3 at the bottom, so open the cover and find four ebooks staring at you! Our reviews this month are: Now by Wanda Jefferson – an emotionally wrenching and well-written poetry collection about the inner cities. […]

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    Last edited: January 23, 2016
  2. Kindler

    Kindler Active Member

    Nice to see it out. Always good to see Indie Authors supported and looking forward to the next one.

    Three column layout this time around as well - hope it didn't take too long to fix.

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