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Little things that really annoy you...

Discussion in 'Time for Tea' started by tirial, July 12, 2018.

  1. tirial

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    Right now, UPS (Ok, so they're not small but...).

    I ordered something I needed fast by priority, with full delivery instructions. The shipper used UPS. UPS claimed they delivered it. What they actually did was dump it in a newsagents four miles away in the next town...

    This is driving distance. There's no public transport on that route. I am, for the PC among you, visually-impaired. (For the non-PC that's blind as a bat.)

    And UPS can't redeliver until Monday, when it is needed this morning and the collection point opens 5:30 to 9:00 *headdesk*. Seller gets one star. I get an hour and twenty journey each way.

    UPS: £6.00 shipping, the customer pays £20 in taxi fares.
  2. Mine all mine

    Mine all mine Member

    I guessed where this was going from Useless Parcel Service.
  3. PageTurner

    PageTurner Member

    Haha, Useless Parcel Service. That sounds about right.

    That's awful, @tirial. I hope you gave them an earful and they aren't expecting you to pay for the priority shipping. That's ridiculous. (PS. I had no idea it wasn't PC to say blind. Just goes to show how far behind I am on what's PC and what isn't.)
  4. Pattycake

    Pattycake Member

    Me either! I have a blind friend, she says she's blind (no vision at all), because she's not visually impaired. *I* am visually impaired - I wear glasses.
  5. tirial

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    I'm an awkward one. My prescription shifts radically on a daily or weekly basis - too fast to get new glasses made each time - so how well I can actually see in practice varies from reading large print to white cane and voice control. The hot weather is a killer as it makes it worse.

    The thing that really gets me is people doing the waving hands in front of face to check if I'm really blind. Even at my worst I can hear them moving, so of course I'll stop.
  6. jessica

    jessica Citizen of Logres

    People not moving down inside buses:mad:. This morning the whole downstairs was packed and the doors were nearly blocked. When I got to the stairs and went up, the upstairs was emptyo_O. I was literally the only one up there until the driver announced he wasn't going anywhere until people moved up:rolleyes:. Why block people like that?
  7. Reader

    Reader Vile Critic

    Queue jumpers. There seem to be so many at the moment. I blame the weather.
  8. Jackie

    Jackie Member

    This one is probably petty but it annoys me when people put really expensive things on their wedding registries that fall under the category of 'personal gifts' and not 'wedding gifts'. My friend is getting married and she has camera lenses on her registry that are all $1,000+. Yes, I said all. There's more than one. When my cousin got married, she had an $800 television on there. Another one of my cousins is getting married and she has a $150 dog bed on it. It just seems ridiculous to me.

    Those are some of the worst kinds of people. It's super annoying when people seem to think that they're above the rules because whatever is going on in their life and/or their time is more important than everyone else's.
  9. jessica

    jessica Citizen of Logres

    I'd noticed that:rolleyes:. Someone walks up, looks at the queue, and WALKS TO THE FRONT:mad:!! I really laughed when the cashier sent them back to the back:love:::rofl::.
  10. Reader

    Reader Vile Critic

    Spelling and grammar errors in newspapers, particularly when they are in the headline. The Guardian may be notorious for this in its printed edition, but now that they are online, the rest are catching up. Does no one spell check their content?
  11. Jackie

    Jackie Member

    Headline typos are the worst.

    I don't know what program these writers use that doesn't have spellcheck built into it. They should probably stop using it though. I can be a little bit more understanding with grammar errors (depending on what it is) but there's just no excuse for spelling errors. I would say that I could understand names since spellcheck can be iffy with those but they should really be making sure they get those right.
  12. ISPs hijacking my browser. Mispell an address = get dumped on a search page:mad:!
  13. Zelda

    Zelda Member

    When I've waited forever for someone to text me back, go to send a followup text, and realize that I never sent the first text; I've either only replied in my head or typed it all out and forgot to hit send.

    ...Is it weird that my response to this is something I do?
  14. jessica

    jessica Citizen of Logres

    :(How long have you been with Virgin::lol::?

    ::lol::I blame the phone entirely;)!
    Last edited by a moderator: August 7, 2018
    Zelda likes this.
  15. Tregaron

    Tregaron Member

    I was going to say BT...

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