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Phone etiquette in groups

Discussion in 'Time for Tea' started by atry, July 6, 2018.

  1. atry

    atry Active Member

    I was at a dinner last night with three others, and all of them put their phones out on the table. Through the entire meal they kept stopping to check phones, and while we were trying to keep the conversation going, one of them turned his back on the rest of the group because he was reading Twitter. As we were waiting for him to answer a question, after a few minutes he had to be tapped on the shoulder and everything repeated. I really do not know how to handle this, short of saying that since they obviously have something better to do we will reschedule. Could I ask for a no-phone meal? I have arranged the next dinner in a restaurant with no phone reception::devil::.
  2. penumbra

    penumbra Member

    That's really obnoxious. Maybe in the beginning, when everyone is putting their phones out on the table, you could make some kind of light joke like, "Oh come on, let's put up the phones. You can't possibly be bored already," or something. That's smart to do it in a place with no phone reception (although I'm sure places like that are hard to find).
  3. Gemini

    Gemini Member

    I didn't even realize there were still places that didn't have phone reception. It's sad that you have to go to such drastic measures just to make sure that your friends stay off their phones. If you're close to these people, then you should just be direct with them. Tell them you find it rude and/or annoying that they're constantly checking their phones. You could say it more nicely than that though.
  4. Zelda

    Zelda Member

    I think it would be perfectly alright to ask them for a no-phone meal. I don't think there's anything rude about that personally. To be fair, I don't use my phone all that often though, especially when I'm out in public. How did they react to having no signal at the restaurant you chose?
  5. atry

    atry Active Member

    It is a restaurant in a cellar under a listed building. I think they liked the place because they arranged the next meeting there.
  6. tirial

    tirial IT fixer extraordinaire

    Let me guess: it is a cellar so it is underground, and it's listed so if it has metal mesh or pillars (or too many layers of lead paint on the walls;)), they can't be removed or altered, which blocks external signals. So you took your phone-addicted friends to dinner in a Faraday Cage? :D
  7. atry

    atry Active Member

    It is even better than that. It is on the dockside, so the signals have to deal with water, and the alcoves are physical brick and iron, so wiring each individually is expensive and not going to happen. It is remarkably good for privacy, I have found.
  8. Terry

    Terry Active Member

    You should ask for the diners to follow cinema rules - you know please turn 'em off during the course of the event.
  9. Kindler

    Kindler Active Member

    Luddites all of you. ;)

    Don't you know that you are supposed to converse using apps on your phone instead of just speaking to each other.

    At least, that's what I was told when I met up with some friends for lunch one day.

    The only time we spoke was when someone had a funny youtube clip to show everyone, so they could see if they wanted the link for later.
  10. luri

    luri Member Scribe

    When I invite my friends and family for a gathering, I switch off my wifi. When there is no internet around, bo body will peak into their phone. Well, some people try to use mobile data, however, this rarely happens because, by switching wifi connection, I am already giving them a message that they cannot use the internet.

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