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Review Cora and the Nurse Dragon

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Bookangel, 29 Mar 2016.

  1. Bookangel

    Bookangel Administrator Staff Member

    Cora and the Nurse Dragon

    For children, or even adults looking for an undemanding read, this unusual fantasy story is excellent.

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  2. rz3300

    rz3300 Member

    Well this really sounds like an intriguing option. The title alone is something that I am sure most kids would be entertained by, which is always good to find. I like a good fantasy story, especially if it is for the kids and I can read it to them, so thank you.
  3. jessica

    jessica Active Member

    I loved this book because Cora is so easy to like, and the ending is touching. :((
  4. clair02

    clair02 Member

    A fantasy story with dragons in it? Sign me right up. I love the idea of a strong female character who is out to change her world. This will make for a very interesting read for me and my daughter. Thanks for sharing the book.

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