Cora and the Nurse Dragon

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Cora and the Nurse Dragon

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...For children, or even adults looking for an undemanding read, this unusual fantasy story is excellent....

Cora might be poor, but she has one hobby like any child her age: buying packs of dragon eggs in the shop and hoping to be a dragon jockey when she grows up. Usually the eggs hatch mayflys, tiny dragons that survive a month at most. Then one day she hatches a strange dragon of a type she’s never seen before. A type that is extinct, and might even be illegal, which leaves Cora with a chance to finally get out of poverty, or possible to see her, her friends, and her family, lose everything.

I found this absolutely delightful, even though it is meant for a younger audience. The world the author creates is vivid, and it is easy to let yourself get swept up in the story. It has shades of Jane Yolen’s dragons, without the sci-fi background she used. It is obvious immediately that this world is lacking in animal cruelty legislation, but given that issue develops along with the story it becomes understandable. Dragon eggs are bought as easily as children today would buy collectible card boosters or seamonkey eggs, and there are no checks on how they are raised. Every twist is believable, growing from what we already know and fits with the characters as they develop throughout the book.

Cora isn’t a strong female character: she’s better than that. She’s believable, kind despite her poverty and hard-working, but with a quick temper and lack of foresight that balances it. She doesn’t know everything about her world, which becomes more apparent as the story goes on. Her conflicts with Xavian, the son of her father’s employer, and her strong friendship with the quick-witted Abry really flesh the world out.

For children, or even adults looking for an undemanding and unusual fantasy, this is excellent.

Rating: 4
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rz3300 (22 September 2016)
Well this really sounds like an intriguing option. The title alone is something that I am sure most kids would be entertained by, which is always good to find. I like a good fantasy story, especially if it is for the kids and I can read it to them, so thank you.

jessica (22 September 2016)
I loved this book because Cora is so easy to like, and the ending is touching. :((

clair02 (24 September 2016)
A fantasy story with dragons in it? Sign me right up. I love the idea of a strong female character who is out to change her world. This will make for a very interesting read for me and my daughter. Thanks for sharing the book.

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