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Project [Redacted]

Discussion in 'Scribblings' started by tirial, 26 Mar 2018.

  1. tirial

    tirial Member

    Project: <Redacted>
    Document Status: <Redacted>
    Version: <Redacted>
    Author: <Redacted>

    Date: 13th September 2010

    1.0 Introduction

    You have requested that I discuss details on one of my past projects, but remove all classified or NDA'd information. I have therefore chosen to present on Project Redacted.

    The original aims of redacted are:
    • confidential
    • confidential
    • and, most importantly, highly confidential
    I became involved with redacted on classified after name withheld contacted me about redacted. There had been highly classified with redacted and name withheld was withheld. Due to my past experience I felt that, despite classified, I could confidential.

    My first action was to assess the situation. This required confidential with all withheld, as well as taking an assessment of redacted available. This work produced highly classified which could then be broken down into confidential and confidential with all withheld. Despite classified, this meant that work could be undertaken to confidential.

    2.0 Current Status

    The status of redacted is, as you can see, currently redacted. This is due to redacted occuring on the redacted, and redacted with the classified. We believe that redacted can be redacted by name withheld undertaking redacted and plans are being made to redacted with this on withheld. Highly classified provided withheld and confidential for redacted during the withheld. Removing the confidential from the classified allowed us to highly classified, therefore despite the redacted status, I'm sure you will be glad to hear the project is indeed corporately classified.

    3.0 Highly Classified

    Regarding the highly classified, there are some withheld that are redacted:
    • First withheld did, in fact, redacted on classified. This was redacted by name withheld.
    • Second, withheld, is no longer a redacted, as withheld passed without the confidential for classified
    • Third, an unexpected withheld occured with redacted, which is, as I mentioned being resolved by highly classified.
    No further withheld have occurred, therefore highly classified can be considered confidential.

    4.0 Conclusion

    In conclusion, despite Project Redacted's withheld, we believe we witheld redacted without any more of the classified hitting the confidential.

    Thank you for your time, ladies and gentlemen.

  2. jessica

    jessica Active Member

    OK, I have to ask: Wtf?o_O

    Also ::rofl:::D::rofl:: but still WTF?
  3. tirial

    tirial Member

    I was working in finance, in a really sensitive area, and when I interviewed at a new company (a competitor) they insisted I should give them a presentation on one of my actual recent past projects. I objected, said I was NDA'd to the hilt, but they were convinced it had to be a past real-life project, and that I should just take out the sensitive information. So I did.

    Even after all these years I can still fill in the blanks.
  4. porridge

    porridge Member

    So can I. Ye sneaked that in in front of a bunch of suits? CLAPS!
  5. tirial

    tirial Member

    "without any more of the supply issues hitting the project deadline" What's controversial about that?;)

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