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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Bookangel, September 13, 2016.

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    Not just any old ghost story

    It is absolutely entrancing, and a beautiful story told in a literary and haunting style. On the strength of this, Steve Vernon is a superb storyteller.

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  2. rz3300

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    Anytime you give me a story described as "entrancing" I think that you have my attention. These are the stories that I enjoy, and the title alone really sparks my interest. I am curious now about the haunting and literary style, and I cannot wait to find out a little more. I have never heard of the writer, but your recommendation is good to have.
  3. skye

    skye Active Member

    It is a unique story about a story, and how stories mean different things depending on who tells it. There are so very few written like that. I adored it.
  4. clair02

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    I love the title too. It makes you just want to pick the book up right now. I love stories about people's personal points of view or their different perspectives on the same things. I know this is right up my alley and thanks for sharing.

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