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Review The Rainbow Dragons and Little Sleepy

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Bookangel, December 20, 2017.

  1. Bookangel

    Bookangel Administrator Staff Member

    The Rainbow Dragons and Little Sleepy

    The pictures are good for early readers, or children who the story is read to.

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  2. Ellie Jane

    Ellie Jane Member

    This story sounds charming. Thanks for warning readers about the usage of "rainbow bridge" in this book. I think it's good for kids to learn that words can mean many different things and it's all about context. I'll add this one to my Kindle in a bit. I can't resist the squabbling siblings and think my niece will love it.
  3. natalie

    natalie Member

    I've never heard of "rainbow bridge" before but I like the sentiment. Thanks for the heads up about that. This sounds like a great book and I look forward to reading it. It looks super pretty, too.
  4. Belle

    Belle Member

    This sounds like an original and interesting bedtime story that also has some life lessons woven into it. My daughter will surely love reading this one.

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