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Bargain on 25th Jul 18
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This book is specifically written for individuals who wish to become speed readers without spending their money on speed reading courses. It provides insight about speed reading, the facts and the myths and most importantly, tested techniques.

Not only does the book come with the explanation and working of speed reading phenomenon, but it also contains speed reading exercises. These exercises are fairly easy and one doesn’t need to arrange for costly equipment or devices. The only thing which you need is devotion and willingness to become a speed reader.

Highlights of the content:

– Gives an insight of the reading process and the basics of brain and eyes of the reader
Working of the brain
Eye-Brain coordination
– The book reveals the truth about speed reading by clarifying the myths and misconceptions
– Know what speed reading brings for the speed readers and how it benefits the speed readers in various walks of life
– Offers credible KEYS to successful speed reading
– Explains the most significant speed reading techniques, their working and the method of application
– Speed reading exercises, step by step guide with illustrations
– Contains Bill Cosby’s speed reading strategies
– The author also offers speed reading table to evaluate your performance at different stages. The table comes with formulas and scoring method.

What is great about the book is that the content is not based on the speculations or exaggerations. Everything is explained with logic and research-based analysis. This is a must-read book for all those who have been looking for something practical and result oriented. It does not claim 1000 words per minute in one week. But this book definitely comes with the methods which lead to a tremendous reading speed keeping an exceptional comprehension ability.

Bargain on 25th Jul 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


No reviews yet.

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