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The Incredible story of Dennis the cavity - Book Cover A good book for a parent who needs help getting a child to brush their teeth.
Dinosaur Lake II :Dinosaurs Arising - Book Cover a strong and enjoyable sequel that fans of pulp, gore and dinosaurs should enjoy.
Selected Daydreams: Short Stories - Book Cover the topics the stories cover are raw and the characters brilliantly real. Ranging from Slice of Life to Urban to Sci-Fi, this collection is suggested - no, recommended - for those who like good writing.
The Money Lender: Tales from a small town in South India - Book Cover Romance readers and chicklit will love it, for the short stories about relationships and the happy-even-after
Aero One: A Hayden's World Short Story - Book Cover It is a very good hard sci-fi story and for fans of that genre I'd rate it 5.
The Vampire Reclamation Project - Book Cover A highly interesting slow burn character driven take on the mythology
Sunrises - Book Cover an accurate portrayal of loss and grief. Literary and slice-of-life fans will love it.
Goliath by Russ Watts - Book Cover As trashy monster pulp fics go, I'd give this a five. It has screams, it has blood and it has science taking a holiday.
SnapDragon and other delights - Book Cover Brilliantly written and engaging, but also a hard depressing read about a very grim and pointless world.
In The Dark and The Deep (Steve Vernon's Sea Tales Book 1) - Book Cover ...short, haunting, and mysterious. A good old-school ghost story...
Doppelgänger's Curse - Book Cover I really enjoyed this book too. Noir, crime, and sci-fi fans should enjoy it a great deal.
The Vintage Tea Room 2 - Book Cover The story (what I read of it) was entertaining, and the dilemma is so small-town to be delightful. It just needs an editor very, very, badly.
When Tears are not Enough - Book Cover It is a good strong story, but I am not sure about it's audience.
Blackgang: The Trickerjack Trail - Book Cover Moving quickly from suspense to outright horror, and back, this is a creepy and disturbing story.
FOSSILS: Viagra, snuff, and Rock n Roll - Book Cover A great concept and setup, but some issues with writing
Barry's Lodge - Book Cover Overall, it's a standard horror book, a little trope heavy, but with a reasonable twist at the end.
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