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ADWON: A Day Without Nurses - Book Cover It is a gripping read, sometimes genuinely emotional, and a good blend of healthcare and realism and the political intrigue of the US government.
The Wonkiest Witch: Wonky Inn - Book Cover A light-hearted cozy mystery that should scratch an itch for those fond of them
Orphan's Price - Book Cover if you enjoy YA fantasy, this is probably a series to follow if you enjoy the writing.
Jeremiah Kildare and The Wolf of the same County - Book Cover an ideal coffee break story to while away 15 minutes
Mixed Tidings - Book Cover an enjoyable, although somewhat long, modern fantasy for young adults
The Stolen Journey - Book Cover A short story, full of spelling errors, little plot and less sense.
The Faces of Jasper Wilde - Book Cover a well-written literary piece, worth reading if you can grab it
Blank: Part 1 - Book Cover An intriguing amnesiac thriller that is definitely worth checking out.
The Dead & The Drowning - Book Cover as the pace picked up, I was left turning the pages eager to see what would happen next
Prison Days: True Diary Entries - Book Cover a brief, but shocklng, insight into what actually goes on inside a high security prison
Hekate's Chalice - Book Cover a fun start to the series, if you enjoy an amusing writing style and supernatural mashup
Dorothy Lyle in Avarice - Book Cover A long slice of life of a lottery winner where little happens
Don't Fear the Reaper - Book Cover a story for horror fans,just not as scary as I was expecting.
A Place in Time: A Ghost mystery - Book Cover For those who like literary stories or old style ghost stories
The Knight's Secret - Book Cover certainly one for fantasy fans to enjoy, and perhaps also for those who like to consider morals of an empire in turmoil
Time Travel Romance: The Time I Love - Book Cover Three good tales and one not-so-good tale of time-travel romance