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Dinosaur Lake III:Infestation - Book Cover Good monster attacks, dinosaur issues, and pulp miltary action. Tanks vs. dinosaurs, and lots of gore.
Mr Mars & Our Boy: Marley's Story - Book Cover Due to the formatting and writing issues I cannot recommend it, but for those who knew Marley, it would make a good memorial.
A Knight's Quest for the Holy Grail - Book Cover

Woken by his trusty steed Percy, the good knight Lance rouses himself to go forth on an adventure to save his princess, the lovely Alexandra. Having encountered her as she walked to the university and smitten by her looks, he had followed her to make her acquaintance. Despite owning a dragon, Lance is not put […]

Love is for Tomorrow - Book Cover

Antoine and Kovac are two agents following a trail in Paris. Having apprehended a reporter who was passing news to a widow called Kerrie that they know.Deciding to track her down and prevent anyone from interfering with her. Knowing where she is likely to have gone, they find her sat in a cafe. While Kovac […]

Consoling Angel - Book Cover

Mira’s last year in New York has not been a happy one. Having lost her father to illness, she spends more of her days concentrating on her work than living her life. What they had shared together was a love of watching films with James Dean. After a phone call from he best friend taking […]

Sam’s Game - Book Cover

Five years ago, Donny put his friends Sam, Kenny, and Miles through a club challenge in a race from New York to California. Now, Sam is attending Kenny’s funeral and runs into Donny. While they are chatting, a lawyer representing Kenny approaches both of them with Kenny’s club challenge from beyond the grave. Kenny had […]

The Hitman - Book Cover

In Book 1 – Martina arrives home early and as she is unwinding the assassin pounces and starts to garotte her with a wire. Despite her struggles, he hoists her up, keeping control of what is happening and ensuring she is powerless to act against him. He takes his time to be professional and slowly […]

Jack Hansen – Small Man of the Big City - Book Cover

A series of vignettes about Jack as he has the day from hell, which also appears to be the same as every other day he is facing. Woken from a dream by his friend Gary and another conquest, he locks himself apartment. While rushing for the train, he ruins his clothes and has his watch […]

Partners - Book Cover

Detective Aurora Morelli has one thing on her mind: finding the rapist, Earl Rhondo, who assaulted her friend and partner. As her pregnant partner is now taking maternity leave, she is left looking for the villain alone. Receiving a call from one of her contacts, she heads off to find out what he knows, which […]

The Cross - Book Cover

In February 1971, the Ibrox disaster resulted i the deaths of sixty-six people, killed in a crush at one of the exits. But the repercussions were the desire for revenge between the two sets of fans regardlesss of whose fault it was. In one of the nearby hostelries, two brothers drank. Unrelated by blood, but […]

The Dreadful Dawn - Book Cover

Melissa and her twin children, Oliver and Emily, are living in a nightmare world. They make sure no light leaves the house as they settle in for the night. The last thing they do is to check in on Jake, who is lying ill in the bedroom. Shrouded in darkness, and handcuffed to the bed, […]

Darkest Wish - Book Cover

As his training as an elite warrior, a Shaigun, comes to an end, Bray finds that he has no role to go on to. Having put his past behind him, he watches his colleagues go off to apprentice for two Shadojaks, who are second only to the Emperor in the country. As there are no […]

A Photograph with an Horse - Book Cover

You know you are in for something different when the title of the book has a clear mistake in it. I’m sure this review will now be as riddled with mistakes as the book is. Oh well, let’s dive in. Cleaning up his desk, Willy finds a photo and reminisces on it. 10 years ago, […]

Murder at the Brothel - Book Cover

Esme Valentine runs a London brothel when one of her long time regulars is fine gruesomely murdered in one of the rooms. Shut down temporarily by the police, she starts to carry out her own investigation to find out what happened. The only clue she has is the word “Payback” written at the scene of […]

The Great and Terrible - Book Cover

Escaping from the world to somewhere new, Dracula muses on where he is now, his escape from being chased by Van Helsing and who his current host is. Heading into the throne room of the Wizard of Oz, he is met by the same apparition as Dorothy first did, with the same outcome when Dracula […]

Witch is when it all began - Book Cover

Jill Gooder is a P.I. having taken over her adoptive father’s business and currently down on her luck. Taking on a case to investigate a murder, she is even more surprised to be contacted by her dying mother whose final words are to call Jill a witch. While trying to understand why her mother was […]

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