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ABA Applied Behavior Analysis Managing and Defining Target Behavior

A??l??d Behavior Analysis (ABA) begins w?th ?n ??????m?nt, this is t? ??t?bl??h 4 th?ng?:
1. D?f?n? th? b?h?v??r?l problem in b?h?v??r?l t?rm?.
2. T?k? a b???l?n? ?f h?w often ?r l?ng th? behavioral ?r?bl?m ???ur?.
3. N?t? th? ?nt???d?nt? ?f th? b?h?v??r?l problem.
4. N?t? the ??n???u?n??? of the behavioral ?r?bl?m.
D?f?n?ng th? behavioral problem ?n b?h?v??r?l t?rm? – Means finding a way t? count the amount ?r t?m? of th? ???urr?n?? of the b?h?v??r?l ?r?bl?m whenever ?t ?? ?b??rv?d. F?r instance, ?f a ??r?nt ???? a ?h?ld ?? ?ggr????v?, th?? is n?t a b?h?v??r?l term. Aggr?????n ??n n?t be m???ur?d, but, if a parent ???? a ?h?ld h?t? a br?th?r ?r sister f?r ?x?m?l?, this ?? a b?h?v??r?l t?rm; th?? behavior can be measured, th? th?r????t can ??? th? ?h?ld h?t th? br?th?r ?r ???t?r ?nd ??unt th? frequency th?t the ?h?ld hits ?ut at th? ??bl?ng.


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