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News & Updates

Bookangel UK are delighted to announce the Stephen Memorial Book Award has returned for 2019 Open to published books featuring cats of distinctive character (whether in lead or supporting roles), the award is to commemorate the first feline member of the club. The 2018 award brought in many more favoured felines of all shapes and […]

In it’s second year the Stephen Memorial Award for books with Cats of Distinctive Character has been won by The Three Kitties that saved my life by Michael Mayer.   Once again, there were many fine entries for us to read through and narrowing it down to a shortlist was as difficult as last year. […]

A lot has happened since we started our Patreon. We’ve launched the Stephen Memorial Award, now in its second year and with a new rush of entries. We’ve stopped the newspaper column – well, we were bounced for ad space, but it worked out the same. We’ve brought all the forums in-house and changed our […]

Bookangel UK are delighted to announce the 2018 Stephen Memorial Book Award. Open to published books featuring cats of distinctive character (whether in lead or supporting roles), the award is to commemorate the first feline member of the club. The 2017 award brought over 100 entrants featuring cats large or small, magical or mundane For […]

We’ve found somewhere that takes video reviews. You can now find our new channel on Viuly.com here: >> BookangelUK Video reviews We get tokens for views on the videos, which our sponsor can convert to funds. The four original videos are up, but we apologise for the sound quality. More may follow if there is […]

Bookangel Advent Calendar 2017

It’s the countdown to Christmas in daily book suggestions! Come back daily to find a new square of the image revealed, and click it to find a new book. The previous days are also available, so don’t worry if you’ve missed one. You can always come back.

And the winner of our first Stephen Memorial Award for Books with Cats of Distinctive Character is… “Tigger: Memoirs of a Cosmopolitan Cat“ by Suzanne Haywood We had more entries than expected, quickly narrowed them down to a top eighteen and then the arguments began. Between Ophelia, the clockwork cat, Gatsby and Yoshi, detectives extraordinaire, […]

2017 Book Award

The Memorial Book Award for one of our deceased founder members is something we have been discussing for the last month, so we are proud to announce the first Stephen Memorial Award for Cats of Distinctive Character. Oh, didn’t I mention he was furry and feline? And very much missed. The idea behind the award […]

Something that was being discussed on the boards is launching a book award to commemorate one of the founder members of the club who passed in October 2016. This isn’t entirely your standard “literary merit” award. While formatting, writing and plot matter, the winner will have to have something outstanding… which meows. The Stephen Book […]

Kobo on Bookangel’s main site is one of our most requested features. With WH Smith and Waterstones customers refered to Kobo, it supports a large section of the UK ebook market. Well, here it is. In the last few days, sharp-eyed readers noticed that the header changed, the categories changed, the review page broke briefly […]

We need your input

In 2015 and 2016 we ran a newspaper column reviewing indie and small press books (click here for details) . It was very popular with authors and readers. One author drove 100 hundred miles to get a copy of the paper, and another asked us to mail her one – and one for her mother. […]

You can now read the Review Aside comic strip on Comic Fury. Review Aside will still be published monthly on Bookangel, but it was getting rather lost among the books. We took the decision to put it somewhere where it can get more readers, and hopefully send a few back to us. As a bonus, […]

Well it has been a mixed year. While we got off to a strong start, with our IT guru out of action for six months from June, there were few updates to the site and the membership elements have paused. It wasn’t all bad: we have over 3,000 more twitter followers, an integration that got […]

As a result of merging the Bargain and Free book sites, you will see new badges on each book’s page that shows whether they are Bargain, Free, or Upcoming. We added these because we were losing track of which one was which, so we wanted something to make it obvious. The calendar for upcoming will […]