*UPDATE:We now accept payment by Amazon Gift Card (Uk or US only) as well as Paypal. Please let us know if you prefer to use these payment methods.

To support the site we are now offering two ways to promote your book on the sidebar: Weekly book sponsors, and monthly sidebar covers.

Weekly Sponsors: First, we offer one promoted book position per week. This is for a single book which does not have to be free, although you will probably get better results if they are.

During the promotion the book receives:
– Prominent display at the top of the sidebar and on the site-wide footer.
– One daily tweet each day about their book
– A mention on the top of all the email newsletters (5000+ subscribers) under “Sponsored by:”

Note: Promoted books do not automatically get Featured Book position or a review, good or bad, as part of this promotion as commercial books are not eligible for either. Free books who buy a promotion have the same chance of being picked by a reviewer or featured as any other.

Sidebar Covers: If the sponsor slot for the period you want is taken, you could also put your book cover in the sidebar at a cost of $5 per month. We have three sidebar positions available for book features and these will display a maximum of six book covers on rotation through a month.

If your request is approved, we will contact you on the email address you provided with a Paypal invoice for the amount*. Payment should be received one week in advance and if payment is not received, the slot will be reopened.

We do not accept non-fiction ebooks or ebooks with explicit content for sponsorship. As always, content should be 12A (PG-13 for American visitors). We reserve the right to reject any title. (Please note as a small non-profit we cannot accept any titles from countries outside the UK with 0% VAT thresholds as we have no facility for handling VAT. We sincerely hope this will change with the regulation update due on 1st January 2018.)